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Back to School Safety Tips – Top 3 Campus Security Concerns

September 13, 2016

school security camera

Students across the country are headed back to school and for school administrators and safety personnel, campus security is a daily concern. The good news is that schools can be proactive in reducing risk to students and staff by implementing some basic campus security features.

Campus security factors into school choice

There are many obvious reasons to prevent crime on a campus. Students, staff, and parents are going to feel more secure at a school where personal safety and property are respected. The school will save money if it does not need to replace equipment that has been stolen or grounds that have been vandalized. Another important factor concerns mandatory reporting.

Federal law requires all colleges and universities that receive federal funding to report crimes that take place and the efforts that the school is taking to combat against future instances of criminal activity. These reports are made public, and prospective students and parents may search such records when making education-related decisions.

Impact of school security decisions

The security choices that a school makes ahead of time will have a lasting impact on campus atmosphere, maintenance costs, enrollment decisions by prospective students, and liability for incidents that take place on campus.

When designing a security plan, administrators should consider:

  • The safety of students, faculty, and visitors on campus grounds
  • Computers and other valuable equipment
  • Campus layout and unique physical structures

Having effective security measures in place ahead of time can reduce the likelihood of an incident and limit the impact if one does occur.

Top back to school safety tips

Each campus will have unique needs and a security professional can help determine the areas that would most benefit from increased security measures.

Special security features may include:

  • Security cameras – By their very presence, cameras can deter crime. These remote eyes keep watch on points of entry to protect equipment from thefts and people from an array of wrongdoing. If an incident does occur, the surveillance camera footage can provide valuable evidence to identify the suspect and for determining liability.
  • Personal escorts for after-hours travel – Especially in college, students do not follow a traditional 9-5 work schedule. Between late nights in the library, off-hours sports events, Greek life and other social gatherings, there are plenty of reasons for students to make late-night treks across campus. Offering security escorts upon request builds confidence in the safety of the campus and also adds a visible warning to potential criminals.
  • Employee background checks – Schools have a responsibility to protect students from predators and other questionable individuals who do not belong on campus. A thorough investigation into the background of employees and volunteers at institutions of higher learning is strongly recommended.

Maryland Security Professionals can help secure your campus

The experts at Maryland Security Professionals are here to help you determine the most beneficial security measures for any school campus in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our team offers practical knowledge developed through years of professional experience in the private security industry, law enforcement, and military service. Our customized security plans meet the highest standard of professionalism while maintaining competitive rates.

To learn more about how we can help, please call 410-946-6126.

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