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Summer Music Festival Security Solutions

August 16, 2016

summer music festival

Having visible professional security at events like summer music festivals increases the likelihood that the event will remain free of major breaches. Trained security experts help set the tone of an event, and patrons and vendors are safer because the event security presents an image of safety.

Additionally, if the event organizers have planned ahead, the security experts can perform an effective assessment in order to prevent security weak spots. Large summer events bring a variety of safety and security problems that require custom-fitted solutions that should be in place well before the event begins.

Summer events need a team of security professionals

When choosing a summer event security team, keep in mind that large venue attractions like open air concerts present unique crowd related challenges.

Event security should include situation-specific features that consider issues such as:

  • Perimeter security – Large open air events can present the challenge of fluid boundaries. Secure boundaries include effective screening procedures and maintaining awareness of airspace and maritime activity.
  • Access control – Public summer events can admit as many as hundreds of thousands of non-employees who may – inadvertently or not – access protected areas, threatening both the physical property and sensitive information. Determining who should have access and what credentialing to adopt should be done in advance of the event.
  • Crowd control – There is no one-size-fits-all approach to crowd management because a crowd must be handled based on its dynamics. Different events attract different types of people, and each crowd can raise different security issues.
  • Transportation and protection of VIP guests – VIPs and dignitaries can be the targets of attacks and protection needs to be coordinated with law enforcement agencies. Transportation and other protection should be tailored based on the VIP’s anticipated activities; security professionals need to have access to sensitive information regarding anticipated travel.
  • Strategic planning for the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic – Planning effective and secure traffic routes ahead of time can allow communication with the media, increasing the likelihood of public cooperation.

Event security is not one-size-fits-all

Keeping an event safe requires attention to many details and depends on the type of event, the type of crowd expected, the physical layout of the venue, and other specifics. With this in mind, event security should be tailored to the event.


Some of the options include:

  • First aid stations
  • Armed security for entrances and exits
  • Surveillance of the parking lot and/or venue
  • Crowd control
  • Personal protection for VIPs
  • Video surveillance of physical property

A reputable and reliable security service should undertake a thorough assessment of the event plans and its potential risks in order to develop a comprehensive plan.

Choose a reliable Maryland security service

event security guard

When planning your summer event, call Maryland Security Professionals. We offer the services of trained professionals, with at least 10 years of field experience, at affordable rates. Our Annapolis office serves Baltimore and the entire state of Maryland, as well as the greater Washington DC area.

To schedule an appointment and discuss how we can develop a security plan for your event, call 410-514-8035.

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