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How to Manage Your Properties Remotely in 2020

October 2, 2020
remote video surveillance

Whether it’s a building site, rental unit, or commercial premises, managing your property remotely presents a unique set of challenges. In the era of COVID-19, increasing numbers of professionals are eager to get their hands on the latest digital tools and technology to help streamline operations and keep track of important data, worker productivity, project milestones, and asset protection.

Here’s a look at some of the latest software, digital tools, and remote security system technology being utilized today.

TenantCloud for property managers

Property managers and landlords are increasingly looking for effective ways to manage their units from home. Many have found success with the TenantCloud app – a multitasking system that lets managers oversee every aspect of their property, from applicant screening and rent payments to contractor invoices and visual maintenance requests. All servers on the app are encrypted through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

CoConstruct for building management

Design firms and building professionals use CoConstruct software to communicate with clients and employees, manage projects, and keep tabs on finances. This software, available in mobile and web-based formats, tracks jobsite activity and progress, and lets you view everything that happens on a daily basis, across all of your projects. The mobile app lets users shift schedules, add comments, modify to-do lists, send invoices, and much more from any location.

AI-powered remote security technology

A remote security monitoring system makes it easy to see everything that happens on your property without being physically present. These systems are fully customizable and feature motion-triggered high definition surveillance cameras that send a live feed to a team of security experts who take action when threats are detected.

This AI-powered security has automated warnings that alert trespassers, and offers significant savings compared to hiring security guards. This innovative technology is ideal for remote locations and allows you to secure your property by detecting and warding off suspicious activity.

Holobuilder construction progress management

AI-driven technology has become an indispensable tool for remote project management, perhaps nowhere more than in the construction industry. Builders, engineers, architects, and designers use HoloBuilder’s analysis platform to view projects as if they were onsite. This virtual reality software captures 360-degree photos that can be shared across team members from anywhere. The software provides a complete daily and weekly record of construction site activities, which helps to eliminate the guesswork when monitoring progress from afar.

Construction teams use Holobuilder to reduce documentation time, minimize the risk of delays, and stay up-to-date with current site developments.

Powerful software at the heart of remote monitoring

When you’re managing properties and crew in different locations from afar, digital tools can make it easier to stay on task and augment loss prevention.

Embracing the technology of a remote security system affords numerous benefits. It greatly reduces the need for site visits, proactively deters crime, and offers round-the-clock surveillance of your property on a convenient app.

Contact Maryland Security Professionals to learn more about our AI software and analytics, or to schedule a free security estimate on your site. Our team provides customized security solutions for residential and commercial clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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