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The Most Important Qualities of an Exceptional Security Guard

May 16, 2018

Close-up Of A Male Security Guard In UniformA good private security guard brings far more to his or her job than just a uniform. Maryland Security Professionals provides elite armed security guard services for businesses and individuals throughout the state. Through our years of experience, we have identified at least five qualities that characterize superior security guards.

1. Situational Awareness

Guards that practice situational awareness adjust their focus and concentration to match ever-changing circumstances. They maintain a sense of relaxed vigilance that allows them to recognize potential threats. With years of law enforcement and/or military experience behind them, and regular training regimens as part of their protocol, our armed security guards and bodyguards are able to identify compromising situations before they escalate and intervene appropriately to defuse the situation. Being able to spot the warning signs of robbery, trespassing, and other crimes is a crucial skill that the best security guards possess.

2. Experience and Regular Training

Experience allows the best armed guards to distinguish real threats from false alarms and to respond accordingly. Regular security training sessions augment experience and help keep skills and focus sharp. In addition to regular firearms testing, guards must also be trained to know when the use of firearms is NOT necessary to gain control of a situation, and to discharge their weapons only in very rare cases, as a last resort.  

3. Honesty and Integrity

Private security guards are routinely entrusted with the protection of valuable assets. When you hire security staff from Maryland Security Professionals, you can rest assured that the personnel we provide have a long track record of honesty and integrity, are vetted thoroughly, and come with the highest levels of recommendation.

4. Effective Leadership and Communication Skills

In a threat situation, a security guard will often need to take charge and to direct a disparate group of people in the midst of a crisis. Good security guards will give clear and concise directions and will reflect a sense of authority that people will naturally follow. These skills will often be augmented with an ability to listen and to communicate with a threat source without escalating a problem. At all times, a guard’s communication skills and authority will be critical components in defusing threat situations and maintaining safety in any environment.

5. Versatility and Creativity

Threats may arise from a number of different sources, and a true experienced professional will have the ability to improvise when unexpected circumstances arise to neutralize the threat.

Security Guards Maryland Can Rely On

For more information about our security guard services including executive protection and bodyguard services, call us to speak directly with a member of our team.

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