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Planning Ahead for Event Security

October 19, 2016

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When it comes to event security, you get out what you put in. That is the lesson from Maryland Security Professionals’ owner Jeff Croissette in his recent article, Effective Planning for Event Security, featured on the Sports Destination Management website. The article offers sound advice or a good refresher for anyone putting together a large event with security needs.

Sports Destination Management is a publication for sports event managers and organizers. It delivers content relevant to planning all levels of sports events for athletes of all ages, whether amateur or professional.

Considerations in security planning

Major sports and entertainment events cannot be organized overnight. Croissette explains, “[a] good security company will develop a full security plan in advance of your event.”

Some of the security considerations Mr. Croissette discusses in the article include:

  • Price of service and its reflection on the background and skillset of security professionals
  • The differences in company qualifications and why working with a licensed, bonded and insured company is critical
  • Importance of the security professional’s knowledge of event locality and city permitting requirements
  • The company’s ability and willingness to integrate with local law enforcement
  • Integrating professional medical support if the need is anticipated
  • Working with specialists like anti-terrorism companies when necessary
  • Ways to maintain financial control over money exchanged at the event
  • Working a contingency plan into the overall event design
  • Making sure spectators and other guests can identify staff

Trained security professionals do not just react to adverse events, but help to shape the situation beforehand and actually prevent trouble that could arise.

How Maryland Security Professionals can help

Jeff Croissette and the entire team at Maryland Security Professionals have been providing expert security services throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia since 2005. Our security professionals are experts on major event venues, from parking lots and local schools to convention centers, stadiums, and other large-scale arenas.

Our company is licensed and insured, protecting your professional reputation and assets while securing the safety of your crowd and venue.  Let us help you design a specialized security plan for your next major event.

To learn more, please call 410-849-0059.

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