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Security Solutions for Parking Lots & Garages

November 21, 2016

Basement parking

Commercial parking lots and garages are common sites for criminal activity, including theft and personal attack.   A large number of vehicles sitting for long periods of time make an easy target for thieves, and even more so in remote lots with poor lighting and security. Some parking lots have light pedestrian traffic, providing criminals with ample opportunity to steal cell phones, car stereos, spare cash and other valuables. With few chances of being caught, vandals will break windows or jimmy open locks without a moment’s hesitation.

Vandalism, auto theft and other criminal acts remain significant concerns, but considering the many styles of parking structures and commercial parking lots– how do you secure the premises and successfully deter crime?

Fortunately, there are some excellent – and affordable– security solutions for anyone seeking to improve the security of large-scale property parking lots.

Security solutions for parking garages and lots

The amount of criminal activity in a parking garage or lot is largely influenced by its design. Subterranean and multi-level facilities often have poor visibility due to elevation changes, pillars and columns. Open-air and single-level parking lots present other challenges such as better lookout and ease of escape.

The most efficient and effective security systems for private or public parking lots are based on two main goals: prevention and deterrence.  Lots that are well lit with energy-saving LED lighting tend to report lower rates of break-ins and theft. But strategic lighting is not enough for most commercial and residential parking lots. One of the best measures to deter vandals is the installation of video surveillance cameras.  In fact, visible security cameras are one of the most effective strategies for crime prevention, with lot owners reporting as much as a 50 percent decrease in criminal activity.

Advantages of video surveillance

Today’s state-of-the-art camera surveillance systems feature 360-degree coverage, infrared capabilities, high definition images, dynamic networking and license plate recognition. License plate recognition (LPR) technology can increase the overall safety while reducing operational costs.  These systems can both monitor and record using digital IP cameras featuring remote access to captured footage from any device with an Internet connection.

To learn more about advanced security solutions for parking lots and garages offered by Maryland Security Professionals, please call 410-514-8426. We offer free security audits to clients throughout Maryland, Washington D.C, Virginia, Delaware and West Virginia.

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