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Security Guard Services in West Virginia: Armed or Unarmed?

November 5, 2018

Close-up Of A Male Security Guard In UniformIf you are considering hiring private security guard services, a primary question will be whether to hire armed or unarmed guards. Not every situation calls for armed guards, and professionally trained unarmed guards can provide strong security coverage in many situations.

The private security guards provided by Maryland Security Professionals all have extensive prior military or law enforcement experience. Our personnel will provide armed or unarmed security guard services in West Virginia and elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region that fit your specific situation and budget. If you are not sure which is appropriate, these questions will help you to determine whether your circumstances will benefit more from armed or unarmed guards.

What level of value do you seek to protect?

Situations that involve either valuable property or very important personnel might be better served by armed security guards. These situations require the stronger threat deterrent that armed guards can provide. Be sure to exercise great care to retain a private security service whose armed guards have the experience, skills, and training to de-escalate any threats before they use their weapons.

Are you in an area that law enforcement personnel can get to quickly?

Police and county sheriffs generally provide outstanding services with respect to responding to threats and arriving at a crime scene as quickly as is possible. If you are confident that you will see a rapid police response to a criminal threat, you should consider using unarmed guards. Alternatively, in some of the more remote regions of the Mid-Atlantic States and West Virginia, armed guard services may be needed to address a threat before local police or sheriffs arrive. The relative remoteness of your geographic neighborhood is an important criteria in determining whether you need armed or unarmed guards.

Does your budget support armed guard services?

Security guard services in West Virginia will cost more if you retain armed guards. Armed private security personnel generally have greater experience and regularly participate in extra training to maintain their skills with firearms in threat situations. That experience and training will be reflected in the rates that security services charge for armed personnel. Further, your liability insurance rates will likely be higher if you retain armed private security guards.

How visible do you want your security guards to be?

Armed security guards will increase the safety and security of a situation, but their physical presence can be unsettling to your clients and guests. Consider the impression that the presence of visibly armed guards will create among your clients, guests, and employees.

Call Maryland Security Professionals for Elite Armed Guard Services

Considering armed guard services in West Virginia? As part of our free, comprehensive audit, we will evaluate your specific security needs and budget and make recommendations as to how you can improve your operations with private armed or unarmed guards. In all cases, we will provide personnel that have the highest level of skill and experience available in the industry.

For more information about our armed and unarmed private security guard services, please call us to speak with one of our private security specialists.

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