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Special Considerations in Executive Protection Services

July 8, 2016

Like the solution to any other security problem, executive protection services are most effective when they are custom-tailored and offer specialized expertise. Effective executive protection requires professionals who take into account the position and potential vulnerabilities of the client in order to take proactive safety measures.

Armed bodyguards protect more than celebrities

Armed bodyguards are trained to protect VIPs like business owners, politicians, professional athletes, and celebrities. But they also lend their services to those who are less than famous but in dire need of protection. For example, during court proceedings, armed bodyguards protect testifying witnesses, including domestic violence victims and landlords who have evicted tenants. Some other areas that benefit from personal protection include:

  • Money couriers
  • Precious metal couriers
  • Pharmaceutical couriers
  • Political candidates

In each scenario, the client will face a unique risk. A personal protection professional should have extensive security services experience in order to anticipate the individual challenges. Some of the necessary skills include:

  • Being able to gather intelligence and identify threats, which includes being able to assess situations and body language.
  • Ability to formulate a plan before a danger surfaces. This can include planning a safe course of travel and knowing alternate escape routes.
  • Tactical driving that includes evasive actions to deter followers and advance investigations of routes to be travelled and places to be visited, as well as coordination with the client’s personnel or law enforcement as needed.
  • Home protection to keep personal space safe from threats ranging from paparazzi to more sinister threats.
  • Self-defense and firearms skills, as well as basic first aid training for medical emergencies.
  • The ability to discreetly blend into the background or project a strong presence that deters threats, depending on the situation.

Professional body guard qualifications

Effective executive protection cannot be learned in a short course. Instead, it takes years of skill and experience, particularly through military service or law enforcement. This background develops the necessary experience in surveillance and legal issues, as well as understanding of weapons and the handling of crisis situations.

In addition, personal protection specialists are highly discrete and respect privacy. With close interactions, they may be close to sensitive information. But a professional will be polite and private so as not to draw attention to your personal or confidential matters.

Learn about executive protection and body guard services in the Mid-Atlantic region

To learn more about how MD Security Professionals meets the most exacting standards of personal protection in Maryland and throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region, contact us at 410-846-0249 to schedule a consultation. We are highly skilled professionals who meet the individualized expectations of VIP clients that include business executives and celebrities. Read to learn more about our qualifications in Executive Protection and Body Guard Services.

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