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Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring Armed Security

January 31, 2018

Close-up Of A Male Security Guard In UniformShould your security guards be armed? At Maryland Security Professionals, we know that businesses, schools and communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region struggle with the question of whether armed guards are necessary to ensure the safety of people and property.

Our experienced staff of former law enforcement officers and military personnel provides industry-leading professional armed security services for clients in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. If you are considering hiring armed security guards, we recommend that you ask the following questions first. The answers will help you make the right decision about whether armed security is the best option for you.

Are the security personnel properly trained?

Training requirements vary from state to state, but at a minimum, an armed guard should be fully trained in both security and firearm procedures. Training is not a one-time event. Security guards need practice and continuing education to maintain firearm skills. All armed security guards with Maryland Security Professionals have at least  10 years experience in law enforcement or the military. Training is important, but experience fosters a level of judgment that a seasoned security officer will use to de-escalate a tense situation before drawing a firearm. Our veteran armed security officers understand that a firearm is a tool of last resort. Such experience and professionalism provides an elite level of protection for your private premises.

Will you do a threat assessment for my situation?

There are no one-size-fits-all strategies for selecting either armed or unarmed security personnel. Any security service that recommends the same solution for every situation is skipping the important step of performing a threat assessment. Call Maryland Security Professionals to schedule a free audit, during which we can customize an armed-guard security solution to meet your specific needs and budget.

Would an unarmed security guard be preferable?

Not every situation calls for armed security personnel. A good threat assessment will define the proper level of security for a specific situation. Our security specialists have decades of experience in law enforcement and private security, and can help determine whether unarmed guards would be equally effective for your purposes. 


Do you monitor and evaluate your security personnel?

Maryland Security Professionals continually monitors and re-evaluates the performance of its armed guards. Threat assessments can change, and we make sure that your security team is always ready to adapt to new circumstances. Our management of your armed security team does not end when personnel are selected for the job, but continues with active engagement throughout the entire term of the assignment.

Please contact Maryland Security Professionals for more information about hiring our highly-trained and experienced armed security personnel for businesses, commercial properties, schools, communities, and more. In tandem with our armed guard services, we can recommend additional security solutions, including wireless surveillance systems. Call today for your complimentary security audit.

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