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Why Retired Police Officers Make Great Security Consultants

October 15, 2019
event security guard

event security guard

If you’re setting up a security system for your home or business, rely on those who know criminals best. Retired police officers have dedicated their lives to learning the habits, behaviors, and motives of criminals so that they can capture the culprits and bring justice to victims. Those years of on-the-job experience and deep criminal knowledge can be used to help you with designing, installing, and maintaining an effective and high-quality camera system and other security measures.

They know where to place cameras

Unlike other security consultants, who may rely on statistics or industry trends when it comes to designing your security camera system, police officers provide first-hand experience on how criminals tend to act. They can walk through your home or business and point out likely entrances for a criminal and what times of day or night your property is most vulnerable to a break-in. With this knowledge, they’ll help you strategically place each security camera and offer other tips to keep your premises safe and secure.

They know which cameras you need

Criminal behavior changes according to the type of property they’re targeting. For instance, a burglar will not approach a home invasion with the same strategy that they would use for a small business or construction site. Because of this, different types of cameras and accessories will be appropriate for different properties.

If you have a construction site, which is typically most vulnerable to vandalism or theft at night, your retired police officer security consultant may recommend choosing cameras equipped with night vision. For your home, they may recommend a wireless system that allows you to check in on your home when the family is away at work and school, the most opportune time for a home invasion.

They know what will help the police find the culprit

Because these officers had relied on video camera footage in the past to catch criminals, they know exactly what works—and what doesn’t work—in a criminal investigation. Having high-quality video footage that catches criminals in the act at the right angles can make a big impact on the outcome of the investigation. Video footage can be used to identify burglars, be shared across media outlets for public help, and help prove guilt in the court of law.

They also make excellent armed guards

Having an untrained security guard who lacks experience can oftentimes be more dangerous than helpful. If a guard isn’t trained on how to de-escalate highly-stressful threat situations, he or she could respond in ways that could make a situation worse instead of better, and perhaps even expose you as the property owner to liability. Choose an armed security guard who has spent 10+ years on the police force or in military duty and be confident that they will act in a calm, ethical, and effective manner should any security concerns arise.

Maryland Security Professionals utilizes the expertise of our retired police officers and military service members to provide our customers across the mid-Atlantic region with the most effective security solutions for their home, business, events, and more. If you are looking for an affordable and effective security system to protect your property, contact our team of professionals for a free consultation.

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