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YouTube Shooting Highlights Value of Armed Workplace Security

April 13, 2018

Close-up Of A Male Security Guard In UniformThe recent shooting at the headquarters of YouTube, a Google-owned company, has highlighted the security risks of open corporate campuses. As a result, several corporations are reevaluating their workplace safety measures, including the engagement of armed guard services.

Maryland Security Professionals has vast experience in all aspects of corporate security. We provide a range of customized solutions to keep your workplace protected from terminated employees or other disgruntled individuals.

As part of our elite workplace security services, we provide veteran armed security guards to corporations throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Our guards are highly trained and skilled to, first and foremost, prevent violent incidents from happening. When potentially dangerous incidents do arise, our armed guards rely on years of law enforcement and military experience to mitigate the threat and keep everyone in your company safe. Contact us today to discuss armed security solutions for office buildings, private corporate events, executive body guards and more.

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A Growing Problem

According to the F.B.I., 160 “active-shooter incidents” took place in the United States between 2000 and 2013, leaving 486 people dead and 557 wounded. Nearly half of those attacks took place in commercial locations. Numerous other attacks have occurred in the past five years.

In addition to adding armed guard services, some companies are sending their employees to self-defense classes. Architects are now designing offices with designated safe rooms. Insurance providers are offering lower premiums for corporate clients with heightened security measures – yet another incentive for ratcheting up safety measures.

Deterring Workplace Violence

Disgruntled customers and terminated employees are often the perpetrators of the workplace violence. Maryland Security Professionals can effectively respond to such security challenges with veteran armed security officers. Each of our guards has at least 10 years of on-duty law enforcement experience or equivalent military training. These professionals provide a strong, visible presence that deters criminal intent and can be instrumental in de-escalating dangerous situations.

Many other security companies may hire and arm people who have only completed a short training course, license exam, and background check. Using the tested approaches of police agencies and military forces, our professionals provide unparalleled training and skill to give you with peace of mind as you go about your workday.

Proactive vs. Passive

Our armed guards don’t just passively observe their surroundings; they proactively study and evaluate potential breaches and threats, practicing crisis management. Our tactics and methods are so effective that employing weapons is rarely necessary. However, in the event of a dangerous situation, our officers are fully prepared to protect and defend you and your employees within in the scope of the law.

Serving businesses in Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia, our Maryland Security Professionals in Virginia are ready to offer uniformed armed protection for your company. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate for our mid-Atlantic corporate campus security services designed to keep your workplace a safe environment. 

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