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5 Effective Hotel Security Strategies

August 28, 2017

Man opens the door of his hotel room with an electronic key-cardHotel owners and operators face sensitive security issues as they seek to respect the privacy of their guests while also providing them with a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Breaches of security impair the guest experience, cause financial loss, and can result in lasting damage to a hotel’s reputation. Effective security measures designed to protect guests and their property instill confidence while reducing risk of loss.

Maryland Security Professionals understands that hotel operators and staff have the difficult job of balancing security with hospitality. We can customize a security system for your establishment that respects the privacy and comfort of your guests while also deterring criminal activity. From a comprehensive network of surveillance cameras to professionally trained security guards and more, we provide the solutions that allow hotels in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Washington D.C to operate smoothly and safely.

Hotel security tips

How can hotels meet the discreet needs of guests while maintaining their safety and security? Here are five effective strategies:

  1. Adopt formal security procedures and be consistent with them. Hotels are more secure when they are unwavering in their approach to their security plan. For example, even if a visitor appears to be a repairman on business, use the same screening procedures you would use for any other non-guest.
  2. Get to know your guests. Friendly greetings make visitors feel more comfortable. It also provides an opportunity to get a feel for when things do not seem quite right. Thieves and others who are up to no good may also be deterred because personal attention makes them feel more conspicuous.
  3. Control access points. It is important to know who is entering. Security cameras, reprogrammable swipe cards, and professionally trained guards are all effective tools for monitoring access to guest areas. Maintaining 24-hour security leaves your site less vulnerable to criminal activity.
  4. Be sure staff is properly trained. Employees are the first line of defense and are on-site to make sure the security plan is carried out.
  5. Stay involved. Oversight is crucial, even if you fully trust your staff to take care of things. Technology like remote video feeds can help you virtually stay present from anywhere in the world.

Consult Maryland Security Professionals for custom hotel security solutions

Maryland Security Professionals is a leader in the region for business and residential security. We provide unique security solutions for hotels and lodging facilities of all sizes and scale throughout the Washington metropolitan area and Mid-Atlantic region. Together we can customize a unique security system for your property incorporating cutting-edge technology, expert camera installation, and professionally-trained security guards. Call today to schedule a no-cost security audit of your location.

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