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How Safe is Your Multi-Unit Property? Security Considerations for Condos, Apartments, Hotels

April 7, 2016

apartment building securityProfessionally installed surveillance equipment, alarm systems and other security measures are becoming increasingly common for use in multi-unit residential communities such as condominiums, apartment buildings and hotels. Building owners and property managers of these types of sites are taking greater interest in utilizing the latest technology to protect both residents and visitors.

Key reasons to consider enhancing security in residential complexes

Large residential complexes can be vulnerable to criminal activity including burglary, home invasion, and even vandalism. Luxury developments can be particularly attractive targets for thieves.

Property management companies and HOAs  should consider multiple methods of maintaining and strengthening residential security in and around the entire premises particularly in areas such as stairwells, common areas, entrances and parking lots. Not only will residents take comfort in knowing that their personal safety and that of their property is being carefully protected, measures of this type will boost the appeal and value if and when the owners wish to sell.

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How secure is your building?

It really takes an expert to fully and accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of any residential complex or building. Residential surveillance technology has never been so sophisticated or wide-ranging in scope. For example, a large community may enjoy the benefits of something like a permanent  fixed-pole camera surveillance system which can monitor a great distance from atop a 20 foot metal pole.  A single apartment building may require a smaller-scale system featuring residential cameras at the entrance points or within elevators.  Add to that alarm features, emergency phone options, license plate recognition cameras, and more – the options are quite considerable.


Those interested in receiving an informative assessment of your community’s security vulnerabilities and customized guidance in how best to address them have a reliable resource in Maryland Security Professionals.

To learn about the latest features and benefits of residential camera installation, please call 410-846-0249.

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