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Top Security Trends for 2016

February 11, 2016

residential camera installation

Commercial and residential security is an evolving industry — one that is continually updated to reflect the latest technological advances and innovations. As new technology becomes increasingly available in the U.S., more consumers have access to “smart features” that offer seamless security at a price that is within reach.

From solar powered motion sensor lighting to fully-integrated home automation systems, here are three emerging trends that are designed to enhance convenience, energy efficiency and security.

Motion sensor lighting

A brightly lit pathway or entrance is welcoming to both occupants and guests and may help deter a would-be intruder or burglar. Motion sensor lighting can detect movement from 50 to 100 feet away and automatically illuminates a dark sidewalk, corridor or select area of your property, making you feel more secure at night. Today’s motion sensor lights are not only inexpensive — many are solar-powered and require no electrical wiring. Ideal for both home and businesses, solar-powered motion sensor lights are easy to install and feature amorphous panels that can charge up even on cloudy days. Some of the best-selling motion sensor lights are equipped with energy efficient LEDs that deliver bright light coverage and peace of mind. False alarms triggered by pets are a thing of the past thanks to advances in motion-sensing technology. Some models feature enhanced adjustability for round-the-clock operation and custom applications.

Covert camera surveillance

Installing security cameras in your home or business is a proven deterrent to crime and theft. But what if you are suspicious of an employee or nanny who may be on their best behavior with a camera in plain sight? In situations like these, a hidden camera is an effective tool for keeping an eye on what matters to you most. Whether installed in a baby’s nursery or cashier’s office, a secret camera captures hard evidence of theft, criminal behavior or other misconduct that can be used by law enforcement, if necessary. The past few years have witnessed tremendous advances in covert camera surveillance systems, which are usually battery-powered and can be accessed wirelessly with an Internet connection.

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Covert cameras help watch over family in a nursing home, check up on your kids, deter employee theft and keep track of money, important documents or other assets. Available in a variety of styles, covert camera surveillance systems are cleverly disguised to be placed anywhere and can be as tiny as a matchbook. Today’s hidden cameras feature vivid HD resolution as well as customizable recording modes.

Home automation goes mainstream

Today’s security systems go well beyond protection and boast features that have been coined “lifestyle services.” Home automation, which connects virtually all household devices to the Internet, has gone mainstream and is more accessible and affordable than ever. Home automation technologies let you control appliances, adjust the thermostat and lighting, and lock doors with your smart phone, tablet or intelligent home key pad.

Recent advancements make your home even more intelligent with features such as voice-activated light and entertainment controls that let you pull up your favorite videos on the laptop or dim lamps just by speaking. You can even program your oven to preheat automatically, shaving valuable minutes off of dinner preparation. These cutting-edge systems take the worry out of energy expenditures and make domestic activities infinitely more convenient.

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