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Enhanced Commercial Security for Baltimore Business Owners

January 25, 2019

camera security system in commercial warehouseBaltimore business owners are taking advantage of the many benefits of commercial camera installation. Maryland Security Professionals provides customized security systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Consider some of the top benefits these security measures provide local businesses, big and small.

Deterring Vandalism

Vandalism is one of the most common crimes against businesses in urban areas such as Baltimore and Washington D.C. Though the law takes a relatively lenient view of these offenses, the effects they can have on businesses can be severe.

Simple graffiti can detract from the aesthetic appeal of a storefront, driving customers away. Other malicious acts such as broken windows or damage to locks is not only frightening but can prevent physical entry, constructively shutting down the business until remedial measures can be taken. The simple presence of a security camera can cut down significantly on vandalism attempts, as most are crimes of opportunity alone.

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Aiding Police Investigations

In the event your business is victimized by a burglary or break-in, security cameras can be inevitable in both bringing the guilty parties to justice and discouraging future attempts.

Law enforcement typically requests security camera footage from businesses when crimes are committed anywhere in the vicinity. This also means that your commercial security camera system can be useful in making your entire community a safer place by recording crimes that take place both on and on your premises.

Cost Saving

Shrinkage, or the loss of inventory, is one of the leading causes of profit loss among businesses of all sizes. The causes of shrinkage are many and may be attributed to a variety of factors from shoplifting to cashier error and even unexplained damage to product. With a commercial security system in place, business owners may not only identify the causes but also deter them in the future.

This means that over time, a surveillance system may even pay for itself as compared with the significant price of inventory loss. A surveillance system can also enhance employee productivity, as strategically placed cameras can help identify the most and least productive among your staff.

Legal Defense

Small businesses can be quite vulnerable to legal action. A simple slip and fall claim can bring about unexpected costs such as higher insurance premiums, or worse- personal, out-of-pocket financial liability. Camera systems can serve as unbiased witnesses in these proceedings and may help defend against unfair or inaccurate allegations.

Ease of Integration

Where once even basic surveillance systems required significant infrastructure investments, today´s options can be installed much more efficiently and at comparatively low cost.

Commercial cameras can even be integrated with devices like smartphones and tablets, allowing business owners to view a wireless transmission of their premises 24/7. Maryland Security Professionals specializes in remote monitoring solutions that empowers small business owners with some of the same tools that were once reserved for only the largest corporations.

A surveillance system is an indispensable resource for small businesses. Contact Maryland Security Professionals today and learn more about customizing a commercial security solution for your business.

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