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Five Workplace Security Tips

September 7, 2016

busy office Sound workplace security practices protect people, property, and by extension, the company itself. Ideally the security measures deter threats like thefts or violence but in the event an incident cannot be avoided, those earlier precautions may still limit the incident’s reach and assist the company and law enforcement after-the-fact.

Here are some steps you can take to secure your workplace:

Number 1: Install security cameras

Security cameras offer a set of eyes in key locations even when you cannot be on-site personally. They are great for most workplaces from construction sites to corporate offices. Not only do security cameras, when visible, deter mischief but they also create a valuable record if there is a security breach.

Number 2: Perform background checks

Perform thorough employee background checks before committing to any hiring decision. Not only are they required for filling some positions but they are simply sound practice. Some of the concerns that a background check can address include:

  • Trustworthiness – has a potential employee ever been charged with fraud or another crime of dishonesty?
  • Workplace safety – does a prospective employee have a history of violence?
  • Competence for the specific position – did an employee exaggerate education achievements or work history?

Courts support background checks because they help ensure safe choices in hiring.

Number 3: Have security professionals on site

Some situations can increase the likelihood of employee violence. For example, when a company needs to terminate the employment of an individual, there is always a small chance the individual may lash out, and in the worst cases- react violently. Having an armed security officer or a security professional can deter workplace violence and limit prospective threats. Having a security professional encourages safe and considerate behavior while protecting remaining staff and visitors against unpredictable behavior.

A security professional can also be helpful for large work-related gatherings or protecting construction or other work sites.

Number 4: Review reporting procedures

An important step to short-circuiting threats in the workplace is ensuring that employees report potential problems, and that supervisors document and investigate every report. Be sure that the company policy takes this into account and review it annually for potential updates.

Number 5: Lock down computer equipment

Both literally and figuratively, it is imperative to lock down workplace computer equipment. These days, computer equipment is worth its weight in gold. Not only can it be sold for the strict value of the equipment but also for the data that can be mined from it – leading to data breaches potentially costing the company far more than the replacement value of the computers themselves.

To keep computers and related equipment protected, follow sound password practices. Also consider keeping extra surveillance such as security cameras in the vicinity of any valuable equipment.

And a sixth bonus tip: consult with a security professional to ensure that your workplace is as secure as it can be. The security experts at Maryland Security Professionals regularly partner with local businesses to provide risk management services that exceed the highest standards of professionalism. To find out more about our unmatched service and competitive rates, please call 410-514-8426 to speak with a representative.

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