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How to Reopen Your Business Safely and Securely Post-Lockdown

May 20, 2020

The Maryland government has announced that after roughly two months of strict shutdown measures, the state will slowly begin to lift quarantine measures and reopen businesses. While many business owners who have experienced significant financial impacts during this crisis are eager and excited to resume business, the idea of reopening amidst a pandemic can also stir up anxiety, confusion, and concerns over the safety and security of employees and customers.

If your business is in line to resume operations, make sure you consider all aspects of the “new normal” to build a safe and secure reopening plan.

Pay attention to changing rules and regulations

To abide by government-mandated and medically-recommended rules, stay current on new announcements. Governor Hogan has outlined the various phases of reopening Maryland in his “Roadmap to Recovery” plan. For the time being, social distancing and the use of face masks will continue, but guidelines are subject to change as new circumstances develop.

Establish clear store rules

While the government may sanction leaving the house, customers and employees may still have safety concerns in regard to entering your establishment. Creating comprehensive rules of operation for both employees and customers that are clear and visible will help people feel safer. These rules should specify what is required by law and cover any concerns specific to your business.

Provide protective gear

While Maryland will require the continued use of face masks, the rules on how they should be used are loose and left up to individual businesses to determine. Do your research and consider the recommendations set by the medical community to determine what your policy will be in regard to the wearing of masks. You should also be prepared to provide employees with the necessary protective gear and ensure they understand how to use, clean, and discard masks and other protective equipment properly.

Limit interactions

Social distancing will be another practice that is required as we enter the first phases of recovery. Ensure social distancing by creating temporary place markers, directing foot traffic, limiting the number of people allowed in your business at a time, setting up sanitation stations, and finding ways to enforce the social distancing rules. You may also consider adding new services, like curbside pick-ups or deliveries that limit interactions and crowding.

Install cameras to ensure compliance

The weight of responsibility for business owners is heavier than ever in a post-coronavirus world. How you reopen your business could play a big role in the public’s health and in how soon the next phase of reopening can begin. Failing to comply with government requirements or enforcing your own rules could put your customers’ and employees’ lives at risk and create a lasting negative image for your business. Installing business surveillance cameras can help you keep a 24/7 watchful eye over your operation and ensure that employees and customers are abiding by the unusual, yet necessary, rules.

Professionally-installed cameras

In this new world, safety and security are more critical than ever. Trust your businesses’ security to a group of highly-experienced professionals. We’ll create a custom surveillance plan and professionally install each camera to ensure optimal functionality. Call us today for a free consultation and quote.

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