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Improve Service and Safety with Hospitality Security

July 23, 2018

hotel key cardWhether operating a hotel, casino or hosting a special event, managing security in the hospitality industry is no small task. A visible security presence is an effective way to deter vandalism and theft, while enhancing the safety of guests.

Finding a solution that best fits your location, market, specific needs and budget can be challenging, as there are no “one-size-fits-all” hospitality security services that work for everyone.

Maryland Security Professionals appreciates these challenges and provides a broad range of security solutions that are uniquely suited to meet the needs of the hospitality sector. With cost-effective scalability, our comprehensive advanced technologies and services are designed to help businesses protect their guests, safeguard assets and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

Security issues facing the hospitality industry

By incorporating state-of-the-art surveillance technology and workplace security measures, hotels and tourist facilities can protect against losses on multiple fronts. This may include installing security cameras with face-recognition devices, having armed guard professionals on the premises and vetting potential employees for criminal behavior with background checks.

Video surveillance is widely employed to monitor the safety and security of many hospitality-oriented businesses and venues, including resorts, stadiums, corporate events, casinos and festivals. The footage captured by these cameras can be used to verify staff and customer movement, prevent fraudulent public liability claims and provide concrete digital evidence in the event of a crime.

From visible cameras installed in all areas of the property to covert surveillance and wireless recording devices, there are various options and technology layouts available. With the right measures in place, businesses can enhance safety, limit their liability and advance their status as a leader in hospitality. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing a 5-star property or an after-hours club, all it takes is one act of violence or crime against a visitor to undermine your reputation and chances of long-term success.

Ensure a safer, more positive guest experience by making security a top priority. The following steps can help minimize dangers and mitigate risk of theft and crime:

  • Update locks and room keys
  • Invest time in staff security training
  • Have an emergency response plan in place
  • Always verify credentials of staff and contractors
  • Ensure outdoor areas, stairwells and parking lots are well lit
  • Routinely evaluate your security system and upgrade as needed
  • Monitor activity with security cameras

Hospitality security solutions in Mid-Atlantic Region

An entertainment or hospitality-centered business won’t excel if it doesn’t provide a safe environment and take practical measures to protect customers. Maryland Security Professionals looks at the physical, operational and technical aspects of each venue to provide expert guidance on the best hospitality security services  in Baltimore County, Maryland, the Washington DC metro area, and beyond. We begin with an in-depth security audit to identify potential threats and establish a baseline.

Whatever your security needs, we have the skills and expertise to help businesses across the Mid-Atlantic region. To set up a free security audit, call Maryland Security Professionals at 410-514-8470.

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