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Top 5 Considerations When Hiring an Armed Guard

April 20, 2016


As a property or business owner, security is a principal concern, and an area where shortcuts may prove costly down the line. Ensuring that your premises and assets are fully protected against theft, vandalism and crime usually entails the installation of a comprehensive security system. However, some commercial business owners may also consider hiring armed guards for short or long-term needs.

The presence of armed security guards reduces risk of crime on premises, deters individuals with criminal intentions, and de-escalates threatening or dangerous situations. If you are planning on hiring armed security guard services in the near future, consider the following factors first.

Ask about training

Every state requires certain training requirements for armed security personnel. Before contracting a company, be sure to ask about all pertinent training their guards have completed – including theoretical and practical components in regards to firearm use for protection. With thorough training, an armed guard can effectively safeguard your business, storage facility, special event or office building.

Value experience

When it comes to armed security, you want to assure that the security guard you hire has ample real-world experience. By partnering with seasoned professionals who have a strong background in law enforcement and armed protection, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your assets and premises are fully protected.

Armed guard licensing

While all security guards need some form of licensure from the state, those who carry firearms need a special permit which allows them to be employed as armed security professionals. In order to get the protection you need to address security concerns, make sure the agency you work with employs guards who are fully licensed.

Reputation matters

Look for a security company with a proven track record – one that has been in the industry for years and which other businesses recommend. A reputable company values quality of service and only hires professionals with extensive experience, skills and training.


Keeping within your budget is crucial, whether you are installing a wireless surveillance system or hiring an armed security guard. Although cost is an essential component, do not let cost considerations interfere with your better judgment. Experience, training, and reputation should weigh heavily in your decision, and such qualifications may impact the cost of the service.

Maryland Security Professionals provides armed guard services in Maryland and the surrounding metro area.  Get a free estimate by calling our offices at 410-514-8387.

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