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Secure Your Business From Anywhere

May 10, 2016

A surveillance system with remote access can be a valuable tool for business owners to monitor and keep tabs on their business from anywhere, at anytime.  With these security systems, business owners can view video footage from any remote location with an internet connection, including their cell phones.

Theft Costs American Businesses Billions

According to the National Retail Federation, inventory ‘shrinkage’ from shoplifting and employee theft cost retail businesses more than $30 billion in 2014.

If you are a store owner, the effects of shoplifting and employee theft are probably concerns that impact your day-to-day business decisions, including choices in security. Commercial camera installation adds a layer of protection that can deter theft, shoplifting, trespassers and other criminal activity. The round-the-clock ability of remote surveillance offers full-time protection of equipment and inventory while also monitoring employees on the premises.

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Benefits of Customized Commercial Security

From commercial buildings to small boutiques, large department stores to construction sites – each business presents unique security challenges. Commercial security systems may be customized to suit your particular concerns.

One benefit of having a remote access commercial security system in a store or other business is that they allow wireless surveillance monitoring from any location, at any time. On-site cameras give you a view of the location where theft or other crimes are most likely to occur, during hours when you or your employees are not on the premises. Live video footage can even be monitored through a cellphone connection.

Other benefits of commercial security systems installed by Maryland Security Professionals allow you to:

  • Oversee employee behavior
  • Monitor off-limits areas
  • Adjust camera angles remotely
  • Record and archive surveillance footage
  • View live security footage in real time

A security system can expand with your business. An initial small security investment may be a wise move for a fledgling business. As the business grows, the surveillance system can grow with it. A customized commercial security system can be as simple or as complex as your business needs.

Maryland Security Professionals Offer Customized Solutions

Maryland Security Professionals serves Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Washington D.C. and offers a full selection of individualized commercial surveillance systems to suit your needs. We handle jobs big and small, from your house to your business, and from the permanent set-up to the short-term event or site. We design the system that fits your needs and your budget. To schedule a no-cost security analysis, call 410-946-6126.

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