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Security at Sporting Events: Proven Strategies to Reduce Risk

June 15, 2017

sports stadium crowd of thousands

Sporting events have elevated security needs. With large crowds come increased opportunity for theft, vandalism, destruction of property and other forms of criminal mischief. Excessive consumption of alcohol on the part of some fans contributes to the risk for unruly or unsafe behavior, and congested traffic moving in and out of the venue parking facilities can increase the possibility of accidents and emergency medical situations.

Maryland Security Professionals provides its sports venue clients with a superior level of service. We are strongly customer-focused and experienced at deterring unruly and criminal activity at sports facilities of different sizes and logistical setups in Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland and beyond.

Sports venue security solutions: overview

When traffic in or out of a sports venue is slow-moving or stuck due to bottlenecking, some motorists may cut corners regarding safe driving and the law. To ensure order and to minimize the risk of accidents, security personnel can be stationed in and around the venue, in parking lots, and at transportation routes close by the venue to monitor the flow of traffic and minimize the chance of preventable accidents.

Sports venue staff must always anticipate the possibility of medical emergencies at sporting events with large crowds. Trained security officers can put proven preventative safety measures into place before the event begins. Should an accident occur, they can assist with restoring order and facilitating the timely arrival of ambulances and EMT workers.

The visual presence of security personnel acts as a deterrent. The fact that event staff have engaged professional, trained security officers sets a tone that good decorum and order will prevail, and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

Sporting event security starts with an assessment

Maryland Security Professionals provides sporting event security throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The first step is performing a professional security assessment before the event. We will work with you to create effective safety strategies and defuse any threat potential.

The best way to eliminate security threats is to stop them before they have a chance to occur.

Customized security solutions for sports venues may include:

  • Crowd control and monitoring, helping to maintain a safe environment
  • Traffic control to cut down on congestion and unnecessary delays
  • Installation of temporary fencing to move crowds and/or traffic
  • Security of all perimeters
  • Security of parking lots and areas
  • Security for transportation of players
  • After hours protection of the event location and production/sound equipment
  • Surveillance of cashier area
  • Controlling access to rooms and venues
  • Targeted security during the sporting event, such as in: equipment area, product area, green room, or other designated areas
  • First aid and first responder assistance for medical emergencies
  • Protection of VIP event guests

We can let you know the best ways to ensure security throughout the event.

Maryland Security Professionals: seasoned security experts

The sporting event security officers at Maryland Security Professionals meet the highest industry standards. Call us today to discuss your sporting event security concerns and learn about the cost-effective, customized solutions we can provide.

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