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Security Basics for Summer Fairs and Festivals

July 31, 2017

colorful ferris wheel in the playground against the blue skyWith vacation season underway, residents and tourists alike flock to the Mid-Atlantic to take part in summer events like fairs and festivals. Attentive and informed planning can minimize the risk of a disturbance at these community events. As a leading provider of event security services in the area, Maryland Security Professionals understands first-hand how to manage the risks and create a safe festival environment.

Security concerns at summer festivals

Incidents in the past few years have highlighted the vulnerabilities of large events. Exposed crowds of hundreds or thousands can present an unlikely but serious threat of a public attack. More commonly though, outdoor summer celebrations invite smaller scale threats like pickpockets, equipment theft, fights, and other more manageable disturbances.

An effective event plan will take into account both the large and small scale threats. This cannot be done in a boilerplate manner; it needs to address the specific event. Key considerations include:

  • Geographic location and physical layout of the site
  • The nature and tone of the expected clientele
  • Whether alcohol will be served
  • Whether political overtones will surround the event
  • Local community involvement with the festival

Planning for summer event security

When planning a large-scale event, the details matter. Organizers face decisions regarding:

  • Perimeter. Organizers need to control boundaries, exits, and entrances. In some cases the best choice may be a physical barrier and in others, personnel.
  • Parking lots. Consider the type of presence needed to prevent theft, aggressive acts, or other trouble in the parking lots. If the terrain makes the parking facilities vulnerable, consider live security patrol or cameras.
  • Coordination with local law enforcement. Local authorities need to be involved in many crucial decisions from any necessary road closures to planning a chain of command for reporting and responding to any serious problems.
  • Hospitality. Maintaining an atmosphere of safety and control is important, but it also important to not lose sight of the overall mission of the event. Event organizers should be conscious of the hospitality-driven tone of the event and incorporate safety features in a way that does not distract from it.

Event security in Maryland

Maryland Security Professionals provides custom-tailored security solutions for businesses, residential developments, and events in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. From wireless surveillance options to professionally trained security personnel, we offer flexible solutions to meet your needs and budget. Call today to schedule your complimentary security evaluation.

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