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Shopping Mall Security Goes High-Tech

November 18, 2016

shopping mall security The annual holiday shopping rush is about to begin, bringing an upsurge in foot traffic to malls and other shopping centers across the nation. Retail outlets are turning to increasingly advanced security technology with improved integration between cameras and computers. The shift brings high-tech security features once reserved for higher-risk institutions to more everyday locations.

Notable examples of the marriage between security cameras and computer analysis are facial recognition and license plate recognition.

Special shopping mall security issues

Shopping centers face unique security issues. Malls are typically private property that are open to the public and built to accommodate large numbers of shoppers.

Some special considerations and security measures should include:

  • Prevention of shoplifting and employee theft
  • Containing or preventing large gatherings of young people who tend to congregate suddenly and quickly in the age of social media
  • Deterring threats of violence
  • Assessing and managing the potential for terrorist acts
  • Preparation for serious emergencies like fire and the arrival of first responders
  • Maintaining the safety of the premises in parking lots and garages

In an effort to manage these types of concerns, some retailers are working with Homeland Security to test security cameras with facial recognition software that could help flag individuals with a criminal history. This type of technology was once reserved for places like airports and casinos but is now gaining popularity among popular retailers with significant security interests to protect.

Some shopping centers have introduced software to scan license plates in parking structures. Such a feature could help identify drivers who have committed or may commit an act of violence against other visitors to the establishment.

Shopping mall security guards

Technological advancement does not replace the need for security personnel. In fact, trained security professionals are as vital to public safety as ever. Emergency response must always be swift and preparation for any type of dangerous situation should be anticipated.

The experts at Maryland Security Professionals know the value experience plays in the handling of security at venues such as shopping malls.  From armed security guards to expert camera installation, we are committed to making any venue a safe place for visitors, shopkeepers, and store owners alike.

Based in Maryland, and serving Washington, D.C., Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia- Maryland Security Professionals incorporates cutting-edge technology to run the most sophisticated surveillance system. To find out how we can help you, call 410-224-3028.

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