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Unique Security Concerns for Bars and Restaurants

August 25, 2017

crowded barBar and restaurant owners face a unique set of safety and security concerns that may be addressed with the implementation of comprehensive security measures. Let Maryland Security Professionals evaluate the potential vulnerabilities at your establishment and customize a solution that will protect your guests as well as your bottom line.

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Common security risks for nightlife establishments

Many factors can expose bar and restaurant owners to liability including:

  • Gathering of large groups of people
  • Low lighting conditions
  • Party-like atmosphere
  • Intoxication
  • Significant numbers of cash transactions
  • Late hours of operation
  • Location near higher crime areas

Under these circumstances, virtually anything can happen that may impact both the safety of the public and the livelihood of the owner. Accurately assessing the bar or restaurant’s security vulnerabilities is an important first step in preventing incidents such as personal injuries, physical altercations, and theft.

Security solutions for the restaurant industry

There are a number of security options available for bars and restaurants. Surveillance cameras are among the most effective of these options.

Security cameras offer:

  • Discrete placement
  • Remote viewing of live security footage from tablets, smartphones or computers
  • Affordable cost
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Visual evidence in the event of litigation against the establishment
  • Deterrence value when cameras are visible to the public

In some venues, security guards may offer additional enhancement including:

  • Promotion of orderly behavior by their visible presence
  • Interference should unsafe behavior erupt
  • Protection of business property

Let Maryland Security Professionals customize a plan for your bar or restaurant

Each bar, restaurant, lounge or nightclub needs to have a unique commercial security plan. Maryland Security Professionals offers real solutions including camera installation and security guard services for nightlife establishments throughout Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. Call today to speak with one of our security professionals about your space.

Additional Bar and Restaurant Security Resources:

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