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Why Security Camera Systems Are a Good Idea for Ice Skating Rinks

November 4, 2019

Ice skating rinks can be fun for the whole family, whether it’s a temporary outdoor arena for winter festivities or a permanent indoor structure shared by athletes and casual skaters. Because these areas are generally filled with families, it’s hard to see why there would be a need to install a security system. That is until the moment arises that you wish you had one.

Like any other home or business, ice rinks are also vulnerable to criminal activities and would benefit from the installation of a well-designed, high-quality security camera system.

Here are some of the reasons you should invest in a top-quality security system for your ice-skating rink:

Keep an eye on the register.

From admissions to snack bars, installing cameras that are directed on the registers allows you to keep an eye on the cash flowing in and out of your business. Because every dollar counts in an ice-skating rink, the presence of cameras will help keep employees honest and sticky-fingered guests at bay.

Spot rowdy or inappropriate behavior quickly.

Sporting events, especially for kids, should all be in good fun. However, we’ve all experienced that one parent or fan who becomes a bit too involved in the game, shouting at coaches and even getting rowdy with other people in the stands. Having cameras allows you to spot problem makers early and take action. And, if an altercation does occur, with the help of recorded video, you’ll have an exact record of what occurred.

Offer live game recordings.

Installing wireless security cameras means that you can check in on activity across your business straight from your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are in the world. However, these cameras don’t have to be all about security. Working with a security professional, you can come up with a smart design that allows you to offer live game viewings or recorded games for parents and patrons who can’t be there in person. This can open another line of revenue for your business and give your rink a competitive edge.

Take a day off.

As an ice rink owner, you may find it difficult to take a day away from your establishment. Having access to live footage from your rink’s wireless camera system will give you peace of mind and allow you to check in on the day’s activity without having to be there physically.

Adding cameras to your rink will provide you with an array of benefits that will help you run a better business, prevent incidents that could damage your property or reputation, and allow your patrons to feel safe and secure in your facility. If you are interested in the value of a strategically-designed security system, call us for a free estimate.

Maryland Security Professionals is a team of retired police officers, military personnel, and other security experts who have been serving businesses across Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, and elsewhere in the mid-Atlantic region.

As a full-service security company, we can provide our expert knowledge to design, install, and maintain the perfect security camera system for your ice skating rink. Call us today to schedule your security audit!

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