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5 Most Common Items Stolen from Construction Sites

September 4, 2020
construction site security surveillance prevents theft

Construction sites are often targeted by thieves because they contain expensive tools, equipment, and valuable materials. A visible security camera system on the premises of your construction site will make thieves think twice about trespassing, knowing that property owners will be alerted when activity is caught on camera and that the video footage can be used to help capture and convict them.

What goes missing from construction sites?

When targeting a construction site, these are the top 5 items thieves are looking to grab:

  1. Tools – Small but pricey, construction tools are valuable and easy for thieves to carry off.
  2. Raw Materials – From copper piping to metal roofing to lumber, raw materials have a big price tag on the black market and are hard to trace.
  3. Loaders – A 2017 study found that loaders accounted for 26% of all heavy construction equipment lifted from work sites; this includes backhoes, dozers, skid steer, and wheel loaders.
  4. Towables – Just a few percentage points below loaders, items like air compressors, generators, welders, light towers, chippers, and other towables accounted for 20% of stolen machinery.
  5. Excavators – Losing these $100,000+ vehicles can be a tremendous financial hit for your company. While these bigger, bulkier machines might be a little trickier for thieves to get home without being noticed, they still rank as the third most stolen piece of heavy machinery from job sites.

Protecting your construction site from theft

The best way to guard your goods is with professional security camera monitoring. At Maryland Security Professionals, we can help you set up a mobile surveillance system that will deter thieves and catch criminals in the act.

Our construction site surveillance cameras record high-quality, night-vision footage to track activity 24/7. They can operate independently of a hard-wired electrical system by using solar panels and batteries. Mobile security video camera features include wireless live-stream recordings, license plate recognition technology, and blue and red police-style flashing lights.

Schedule a free security audit

If your job site is burglarized, you’ll not only face the expense of replacing the stolen items, but it could also delay your schedule, cause you to lose clients, and even hike up your insurance rates. Schedule a free security audit with Maryland Security Professionals today to see how you can protect your valuable construction assets.

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