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Fixed Pole Cameras vs. Mobile Surveillance: Which is Better for Your Site?

February 1, 2017

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for on-site surveillance. Partnering with a professional is the best way to ensure your surveillance system meets the needs of your location and business operations. A great way to start the process is deciding whether to install mobile or fixed security cameras.

Security camera options

Security cameras in general serve the dual functions of deterring wrongdoing by their visibility and capturing valuable information. These functions can be performed by either mobile or fixed pole cameras, each offering their own benefits. Video feeds from both fixed pole and mobile surveillance cameras can be viewed wirelessly from any device with an internet connection. They can also incorporate features like motion detection and night vision.

Now consider the systems’ distinguishing features.

Why choose a fixed pole surveillance systems?

Fixed pole surveillance is a popular choice for both commercial and residential properties. “Fixed pole” refers to a twenty foot high mounting system whose base is securely and permanently fixed to a location on your property. Placed at the top of a metal pole, the security camera(s) afford you wide coverage of at-risk areas. The high-definition cameras can record continuously or be activated by motion sensors. The cameras run on electric power but can also be adapted to run on solar energy.

The high visibility of fixed pole surveillance systems is a powerful deterrent to trespassing, vandalism, and other crime. Many business and property owners find success in thwarting offenders with the visible presence of security cameras by placing them at high traffic areas. Entrances to residential complexes, stores, and office buildings often fit the bill.

Features of fixed pole security cameras include DVR and NVR (which automatically save video footage for up to several weeks), license plate recognition technology, and flashing strobe lights to warn off intruders.

Benefits of mobile surveillance cameras

Mobile surveillance is a flexible solution for many property owners, including those operating temporary work sites, construction sites, and other outdoor locations. A significant advantage of mobile surveillance systems is that they are especially useful at sites without electricity. Mobile systems are solar powered with battery backups. Mounted on high portable towers for a clear 360° view, portable surveillance cameras offer high definition images, infrared capabilities, license plate recognition, and wireless transmission of the video feed.

Based on their portability, ease of setup, and ability to monitor activity even when a security guard is not physically on site, construction companies and homebuilders often opt to secure work sites and equipment with this type of system. They are also suitable for areas like parks and other event locations where the traffic patterns may change from day to day. Police, municipalities, and other authorities also use mobile camera systems for rotating enforcement areas.

Complete security camera installation

Speak with Maryland Security Professionals to request a free security audit and learn about the advantages of our custom surveillance systems. Call today to discuss which solution will best fit your security needs.

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