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How to Secure Your Construction Site

June 14, 2016

Construction site theft is a significant problem that costs the industry millions of dollars each year. Besides material, equipment and tool theft, there are the concerns of vandalism, unauthorized entry and other security breaches. For most sites, it is neither feasible nor cost effective to have 24/7 security guards on-site from project start to completion, which is why contractors look to more practical options for reducing losses.

Construction sites that are left unattended or unsecured are prime targets for opportunist thieves who pilfer valuable copper tubing, expensive machinery, power tools and other materials. The ultimate cost of construction theft is much greater than the value of the equipment and tools stolen. Project delays, replacement costs and higher insurance premiums also affect the bottom line. Given the risk, it is not surprising to learn that home builders and construction companies are now turning to security technologies to help safeguard their assets.

Advantages of mobile surveillance systems

Solar-powered construction surveillance systems are among the most effective and affordable solutions available today. These self-contained systems can be strategically placed in areas requiring advanced, round-the-clock video surveillance. With the aid of mobile surveillance systems, contractors can combat theft and vandalism, while maintaining perimeter security.

One of the primary advantages of mobile construction site surveillance is that the systems can be run entirely on solar energy, so there is no need for a dedicated electrical source or hardwiring to a permanent physical structure. Easily deployed, these units are particularly useful for the short-term security needs of a construction site.

Home builders, contractors and construction companies find many useful features of this stand-alone system that comes equipped with high-definition infrared cameras offering 360° of coverage, police-style strobe lighting, and industrial batteries that provide sufficient reserve power.

Besides serving as effective construction site crime deterrents, solar powered mobile surveillance systems are an eco-friendly alternative to gas generators, as each stand-alone unit features four 150-watt panels. On-site cameras with DVR recording also help builders monitor the safety and productivity of workers.

Ensuring security, safety and productivity on a construction site are important for completing a job on time and on budget.

Security solutions for Mid-Atlantic construction sites

Maryland Security Professionals provides customized mobile surveillance units to construction sites throughout the greater Mid-Atlantic region. Be proactive against theft and vandalism on your job site; call us today for a free quote: 410-846-0249.

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