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8 Common Uses for Mobile Surveillance Cameras

October 21, 2019

Mobile surveillance systems from Maryland Security Professionals feature high-tech, solar-powered security cameras affixed to poles that can be easily moved to adjust to your coverage needs, all without needing to be hardwired into a building or fixture. These cameras also come equipped with:

  • Battery back-up
  • Wireless transmission
  • 20-foot towers
  • Infrared recording
  • Police-style strobe lighting
  • License plate recognition

Mobile surveillance cameras are ideal for temporary settings like seasonal festivals or construction sites, and also provide long-term value for any location that isn’t equipped with electricity.

Some of the common uses for mobile surveillance cameras are:

Construction Sites

Whether it’s a commercial construction site or a residential one, mobile surveillance cameras allow you to watch over expensive tools and equipment and avoid any vandalism that could derail your project timeline.

Community Events

Streets can swell with people at annual fairs and festivals. Mobile camera systems are easy and quick to install in these instances and can help you keep an eye on the crowd, ensuring the safety of vendors and participants.


People tend to let loose at concerts as they jam out to their favorite bands. Sometimes, however, people can become too uninhibited and start creating trouble. This may mean picking fights with other concert-goers, arguing with vendors, vandalizing property, sneaking in alcohol, or using illegal substances. Mobile surveillance cameras help people feel safe while enjoying the show.

Parking Lots

Many crimes can occur in parking lots, especially if it is late and dark. A mobile surveillance system will give you instant video access to the entire stretch of your parking lot and help your patrons feel at ease.


Many hospitals are set on sprawling properties, with a lot of places to watch over, including parking lots and other exterior spaces. Installing mobile surveillance systems in areas that are unable to be hardwired provides an easy method of surveillance. The mobile systems can also transmit live feed footage wirelessly, allowing it to integrate with other cameras throughout the hospital.

Home Associations

Mobile surveillance allows you to monitor the grounds of your community for suspicious activity and deter trespassing, burglary, and other crimes. Keep your neighborhood more secure and enhance the peace of mind of residents.

Playgrounds or Open Spaces

Mobile surveillance cameras offer a perfect solution for playground safety, keeping a 360-degree view of any children’s play area, 24 hours a day. They are also equipped with infrared cameras, so they can catch any older kids heading to the area after dark and causing vandalism.

School Grounds

With increased incidents in schools across the nation, many administrators are increasing their security measures. Mobile surveillance systems offer a perfect way to keep a daily eye on school grounds, and they can also be specially configured to cover a specific event. Because the cameras are mobile, they can be moved to the football field for the big Friday night game, to the track for competitions, or parking lots or open fields during fairs, festivals, or other events.

If you live in the mid-Atlantic region and are unsure whether a mobile surveillance system is right for your security needs, call Maryland Security Professionals today for a free audit. Our team of experts will help you design, install, and maintain a security system that is perfect for your needs.

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