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Advantages of Mobile Camera Surveillance Systems

May 31, 2019

mobile surveillance unitModern security systems feature high-definition video capabilities along with wireless data transmission. Widely used in businesses both large and small, video surveillance is an effective way to safeguard assets, deter crime and monitor activity of employees, contract workers and visitors. For business and property owners who need a short-term solution for securing a temporary worksite, special event or monitoring a remote location, mobile surveillance systems are an effective and budget-friendly option.

Maryland Security Professionals outlines some of the advantages of mobile security systems, which are self-contained units that can be quickly set up and deployed in locales where network cabling is not available. This option provides constant surveillance of specific areas, but without the need for permanent infrastructure.

Benefits of mobile surveillance units

One of the most notable benefits of mobile surveillance systems is that they are solar-powered with battery back-ups, so there is no need for electricity or gas generators. These systems are especially useful for commercial building and construction sites where loss prevention of expensive lumbar and materials is a top priority.

For those who need optimum security for off-grid locations or short-term events such as a concert or festival, mobile surveillance units can be tailored with specific features according to client needs.

Key advantages of mobile surveillance systems:

Reliable, 24/7 surveillance

Roving security guards can’t be everywhere at once. In contrast, a mobile camera system has

360-degree coverage, giving property owner’s a continual birds-eye view of the entire perimeter, as video is captured in high-definition.

Cost savings

Depending on the state, security guards can cost anywhere from $15-35 an hour, which can put a significant dent in your budget. When multiple guards are necessary to monitor a large job site or event, it can be less expensive to deploy a stand-along surveillance unit.

Short and long-term solution

Solar-powered surveillance systems are ideal for both short and long-term needs, allowing clients to enjoy state-of-the-art security along with license plate recognition, regardless of the duration.

Proof in the event of a crime

High quality digital recordings that capture clear images any time of day or night provide the solid evidence you need in the event of a theft or crime. An on-board recording device has the proof needed for law enforcement or aiding an insurance claim.

Flexible, fast deployment

When you need security cameras for a provisional job site or event but are on a strict schedule, portable surveillance systems make the most sense. In just a few days, you have a 20-foot visual deterrent parked on site, and these mobile systems can be moved around without any electrical or infrastructure requirements. Once the job or event is finished, there is no need to incur additional surveillance costs, as these systems are available for short-term leases.

No infrastructure or hard-wiring

Lack of infrastructure, Internet or electricity is not an issue with a self-contained mobile surveillance unit.  Solar energy and batteries ensure smooth, uninterrupted coverage around-the-clock, making them ideal for construction sites, rural and off-grid locations.


Because terrain and infrastructure are not limiting factors for mobile systems, they can be used in a variety of applications, such as parking lots, residential and commercial building sites, parks, outdoor arenas and more.

Keep your site protected with Maryland Security Professionals

To find out more about mobile video surveillance in the Mid-Atlantic region, contact Maryland Security Professionals for a free audit and quote. We help property owners make informed decisions before they invest in security camera systems.

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