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How to Keep Your Construction Site Secure

May 5, 2020

Wherever commercial or residential construction is underway, there will be potential for theft. According to data from the National Equipment Register (NER), millions of dollars of construction equipment, building materials, and tools are stolen each year in the U.S., and the Mid-Atlantic region is no exception.

Every day, contractors arrive on site only to find that valuable equipment and raw materials have disappeared overnight. Insurance may reimburse for the replacement of stolen goods, but the hassle, schedule delays, and lost productivity can really add up, putting a huge dent in operational costs.

Fortunately, there are measures to combat construction theft and keep your site secure. Mobile surveillance systems designed installed by Maryland Security Professionals are among the most effective solutions available. Our surveillance units for construction sites have flexible lease options and zero start-up costs, making them ideal for both short and long-term building projects.

Preventing theft at construction sites

Thieves tend to target high-value and portable items that are easy to move and sell. For contractors and building site managers, securing heavy equipment and valuable tools can be challenging.

  • Large shipping containers may be a viable solution for keeping costly items out of the view of criminals.
  • Installing motion-sensor lighting around the perimeter is another way to keep intruders at bay, as increased visibility is a proven deterrent.
  • Keep an updated inventory of all tools and equipment, and take the time to mark each item with unique identifying numbers, to facilitate tracking in the event of theft.

Beyond these measures, surveillance systems are the best way to monitor construction sites 24/7. In addition to discouraging trespassing, break-ins, and theft, they can improve job site security. Video recording shows who is entering and leaving the site, when deliveries are being made, and if workers and contractors are complying with safety guidelines.

Camera footage can also help mitigate liability issues in the event a trespasser or unauthorized person gets hurt on the building site.

Commonly stolen items at building sites

Prevention is everything when it comes to reducing loss at construction sites. Appliances, air compressors, raw lumber, power tools, and copper tubing are among the most targeted items at construction sites.

In terms of heavy equipment, tracked loaders, backhoes, excavators, and utility vehicles are also frequently stolen.

Cost-effective construction site security

Maryland Security Professionals recognizes the breadth of vulnerabilities on building and remodeling sites and is positioned to help you safeguard assets and investments. Our systems are customized to your needs and budget and are designed to be effective in remote locales without a dedicated power source.

Our solar-powered surveillance systems are less expensive than security guards, and help to ensure a secure and safe work area. High-resolution cameras deliver crisp images day and night, leading to higher apprehension rates of criminals.

For more information about deployable security for construction sites from Maryland Security Professionals, please call today. We are proud to serve Mid-Atlantic communities throughout Baltimore, Annapolis, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

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