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How to Protect Your Construction Project During a Shutdown

July 7, 2020

Like many other industries, construction has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While most construction is considered “essential” by local governments, there are still many projects that are being suspended or even shut down because of the shelter-in-place orders around the country.

These shutdowns have led to serious concerns over how project managers, general contractors, and superintendents can keep their worksites safe.  If your project is shut down or even if it’s still active, how can you protect your tools and equipment from vandalism and theft in these unprecedented times?

Surveillance Systems for Construction Sites

The best way to protect your site during a shutdown is to lease a turn-key security camera system for the length of your construction project. Maryland Security Professionals provides mobile surveillance systems that are powered by solar panels and batteries, and can be flexibly moved to different areas of your site as needed. We handle all maintenance of the surveillance system and assist in the investigation if an incident occurs.

When installing a construction surveillance system, cameras should be placed strategically so they cover the entire site, including trailers, laydown yards, build sites, and heavy equipment. Visible cameras can be placed close to entrances to deter trespassers, but these cameras must be kept inaccessible to prevent criminals from tampering with or disabling them.

Additional Security Tips

There are many other ways you can keep your construction site secure during a shutdown, including:

  • Hiring armed guards, as they can help deter trespassers and would-be thieves from attempting to access your site.
  • Parking, locking, and removing keys from all equipment
  • Put up signage for trespassing as per local and state laws
  • Install locks, bars, and grates on all doors and windows
  • Move any materials stored on-site to a more secure off-site storage facility
  • Keep continuous monitoring of entrances to the job site
  • Remove all computers
  • Remove dangerous materials like oxygen or gas
  • Lock and ventilate server rooms
  • Store and lock materials that cannot be removed
  • Lock all containers and block doors with heavy equipment
  • Take inventory of all materials, tools, and equipment
  • Make sure public sidewalks are maintained and free from tripping hazards, debris, and other dangers in accordance with local laws
  • Have workers bring their PPE and tools home
  • Take thorough pictures and videos of the site before closure

These tips are not just relevant now or in areas where the COVID-19 shutdowns are expected to continue. They are also general best practices for keeping your worksites safe over weekends or holidays, or in the event of a “second wave” of COVID-19 cases in the fall or another time in the future.

Keep Your Construction Site Secure During a Shutdown

There is a lot to do when you need to keep a construction site, commercial property, or residence safe. Let Maryland Security Professionals help.

We offer both commercial and residential security camera services throughout the mid-Atlantic region and can help you find the surveillance system that meets your needs and budget. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your home or construction site during these uncertain times.

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