How AI and Analytics Software Has Impacted the Security Industry

The sheer quantity of video feed generated by security cameras is enormous. For years, surveillance footage would be stored, manually analyzed, and then overwritten. This has all changed with the advance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and software analytics that do more than just monitor perimeters for security threats.

The draw behind AI in remote monitoring systems is its ability to distinguish meaningful patterns in large volumes of data and identify high-risk threats before they escalate.

AI deep learning enhances security

AI leverages ‘deep learning’ – not unlike the human brain – which can analyze mega data from surveillance footage to identify anomalies and potential threats in real-time. Security systems with AI transform and improve with continued data, learning how to recognize irregularities in otherwise normal environments to help minimize risk and prevent criminal acts.

Object detection with AI is a highly accurate method for scrutinizing activity around a business or residential property, delivering detailed information that can give rise to meaningful actions. These sophisticated analytics are so intelligent that they can weed out false-triggers such as the movement of pets, swaying branches, or shadows. AI-powered algorithms can determine when an object or movement is an actual threat.

AI enables video analytics to incorporate everything from facial recognition capabilities to license plate recognition, which can be cross-referenced with huge banks of data to determine security breaches.

AI systems have also been helpful in crowd surveillance, thanks to their ability to track individual movements and discern the shape and make-up of objects that could be weapons.

Law enforcement in major cities routinely use cameras equipped with AI video analytics to speed and improve investigations.

Video analytics promote efficiencies in business

AI allows business owners to extend perimeter security and stop an emerging hazard from occurring. An AI-enabled remote security system can spot shoplifters and other suspicious activity, allowing intervention in real time. Security camera analytics can also monitor visitor flow, display activity, and enhance worker efficiency and ensure compliance with safety protocols.

Cloud-based AI surveillance systems – like those offered by Maryland Security Professionals — can deliver both proactive security and business intelligence, giving property owners access to actionable data.

Growing demand for AI-enhanced security systems

When it comes to protecting your assets, identifying risks before they become criminal acts, and ensuring real-time responses to security threats, there are many advantages of AI software analytics.

At Maryland Security Professionals, our wireless security camera system with remote viewing combines AI-enhanced technology with 24/7/365 security experts for a more streamlined and efficient security solution.

Our remote security systems are ideal for commercial and residential property owners that want intelligent live monitoring around-the-clock and peace of mind. For a free site evaluation and estimate in Baltimore, Annapolis, Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C., please call us today.


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