How Cloud Software Has Improved Security

Cloud technology has dramatically improved the way we share, store, and present information, and it is making the same waves in the world of security. Here are some of the ways remote monitoring systems utilizing the power of cloud computing have changed commercial and residential security systems.

Off-Site Monitoring

Because cloud security cameras upload live feeds in real-time to the cloud, the video feed can be accessed from just about anywhere—including your cellphone while you’re away on vacation. This capability also means you can eliminate or decrease your on-site security and establish a safe, remote monitoring center.

Your off-site monitoring center allows security officials to:

  • Keep a continuous eye on your property
  • Take over control of your system
  • Communicate with local officials
  • Make responsible, level-headed decisions

Video Access Control

Another bonus to off-site monitoring is that you have greater control over who has access to footage. With traditional security systems, many people worry about intruders finding servers and destroying or erasing video footage. With a cloud-based remote security system, it is virtually impossible for thieves or looters to tamper with stored video. Additionally, just as you can protect your video footage from the culprit, you can also give immediate access to law enforcement to help them conduct a more successful investigation.

AI Software & Analytics

Traditional security cameras can capture and record an incident, but an AI-powered surveillance system can respond to the occurrence in real-time. AI security cameras can be programmed to detect and follow suspicious activities. Further, they can determine the threat level and automatically initiate an appropriate response—such as altering the command center, playing a pre-recorded message, sounding an alarm, or notifying police or fire.

Is Cloud Software Right for Your Security Needs?

Because cloud security systems can eliminate the need to hire round-the-clock security guards at your property, they can save you a lot of time and resources in the long run. No longer will a site manager or owner have to make in-person visits to the premises in order to review security camera footage – now you have all the video taken at your site, right at your fingertips, available to watch 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Check-in live or review archived footage, it’s up to you. If a threat presents itself, the AI-driven software can respond by warning off intruders or alerting the authorities – or your live-person command center can take over the response strategy if circumstances make it necessary.

Installing a wireless security camera system with remote viewing gives you affordable, easy access to a live video feed at all times, and peace of mind in knowing that your video footage is preserved and secure in the cloud. For more than 15 years, Maryland Security Professionals has been servicing businesses, construction companies, and individual property owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region with high-quality, effective security systems. Call our team today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our security experts.

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