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5 Reasons for New Homebuyers to Make Security Cameras a Priority

May 31, 2018

Home Security Camera

If you are a new homeowner, you’ve likely got a long list of to-dos. After the closing and moving in, you may be focused on decorating, buying new furniture, or making minor repairs. While installing an alarm system is usually near the top of the priority list for new homebuyers, many are also looking to further invest in a video surveillance system. The residential home security experts at Maryland Security Professionals share the following reasons why security cameras are a smart investment.

1. Deter Would-Be Criminals

Installing visible cameras around your home provides a deterrent to potential thieves or home invaders, because most burglars would rather seek out homes that do not have security systems installed to avoid being detected with a recording.

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2. Screen Unwanted Visitors

While door-to-door sales people are much more uncommon than in years past, you may get an occasional solicitation. Many homeowners prefer to avoid any unnecessary risk by having the ability to screen visitors remotely via security cameras live-feeds.

3. Keep Tabs on Your Kids

Today’s state-of-the-art video surveillance systems also provide owners with the ability to monitor their children, either from somewhere else in the home, or remotely with an application on one of your mobile devices.

4. Monitor Employees, Contractors

Security cameras can give homeowners extra peace of mind when it comes to employing people to work in and around their home. Whether someone is coming into your home to work on the cable, plumbing, electrical systems, or to care for your children, they are far less likely to try to steal your valuables if they know they are being monitored by a video surveillance system. If a theft does occur, security footage can provide evidence of the crime.

5. Avoid Potential Legal Issues

As a homeowner, you are liable for the well-being and safety of your guests. Home security cameras can record the events that take place in and around your home when visitors are present, and help to avoid any he said/she said scenarios involving injuries sustained on your property.

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If you have just bought a home in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Virginia, or West Virginia, and are considering home security cameras, we invite you to contact Maryland Security Professionals for a free audit. We will address all of your security concerns while making sure to stay within the confines of your budget. As a new homeowner, you have a long list of issues to take care of — but the safety and protection of your investment and your family should always be a top priority. Our residential security professionals have decades of experience and are ready and waiting to recommend a cost-effective home surveillance system to suit your needs.

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