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What to Do After a String of Burglaries in Your Neighborhood

March 15, 2020

Home security systemAccording to the FBI, a property break-in occurs every 20 seconds in the U.S., and the vast majority of these burglaries take place on residential properties. No one wants to think their home is at risk for being targeted, let alone their entire neighborhood, but it can happen.

You often read about a “string” of burglaries taking place in one vicinity. This often occurs in neighborhoods that have a number of homes that routinely sit empty all day.

What makes properties easy targets for burglars

Criminals may case a community over a period of days or even weeks, on the lookout for easy targets. There are a number of variables that make properties more enticing to criminals.

  • Occupants have predictable schedules and are gone for most of the day
  • The property sits on a corner lot, and has two points of exit
  • There is no fencing and the backyard is easily accessible
  • There are no dogs to alert of an intruder
  • Hedges and landscaping are overgrown, offering more privacy
  • There are large sliding glass doors that can easily be popped off their tracks
  • The house is isolated with few close neighbors
  • High-ticket electronics and valuables are easily seen through the windows
  • There is a window-mounted A/C unit that offers easy access
  • Poor lighting and obscured driveways
  • Property is set back of the main street
  • No home alarm system or visible security cameras
  • Garage door is left open or unlocked
  • Single pane windows (as opposed to storm windows that are harder to break)
  • Mail is piling up on your driveway

Whether acting on impulse or after days of casing a neighborhood, burglars typically tend to focus on properties where they know they can escape in a hurry. In other words, they want to know the lay of the land, and avoid making wrong turns, getting boxed in or having to double back. Properties that sit on confusing, maze-like streets are less likely to be broken into than those with obvious escape routes.

How to deter burglars and protect your property

While a string of burglaries in your area can definitely be unsettling, there are steps you can take to deter crime and protect your residence.

In the end, you want potential intruders to know they are being watched, will likely have difficulty escaping, and can later be identified by authorities. The easiest way to do this is by installing security cameras that record video and images of any would-be criminals. When strategically placed, a surveillance system can deter burglars from targeting your place, since they know they are more likely to be caught.

Simple precautions can go a long way. If you’re going away on holiday, have the post office hold all mail, or have a friend pick it up for you. Leave some lights on in your house, or set them on timers. Ask someone to check in on your house regularly.

Purchase a lockbox or safe for your smaller valuables, and confirm that all windows and doors are locked before leaving. Keep trees and bushes near the perimeter of the property trimmed, and ensure outdoor lighting is sufficient.

Customized security camera installation

Maryland Security Professionals installs advanced home surveillance camera systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. If you want to learn more about protecting your residence or business, give us a call today. Our experienced team provides free security audits and can help you find a security solution that meets your needs and budget.

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