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Who Enlists the Help of a Private Investigator?

June 24, 2016

There are a number of scenarios where it may serve a client’s interest to hire a private investigator. Whether serving individual or business interests, legal or financial matters, a reliable private investigator can uncover vital information that may have an impact on further decisions and future courses of action.

The following are examples of the types of clients who seek the services of private investigators at Maryland Security Professionals.

Private investigators serve a variety of clients


When emotions run high and suspicions cloud otherwise sound judgment, an objective third party, experienced in the field of private investigation can be an invaluable resource. Looking for your real parents? Wondering if a spouse is cheating or need information about a potential love interest? Want to know if a family member has a hidden agenda? An experienced private investigator will approach your concerns with professionalism, discretion, creativity and expertise to get you the answers you need.


Entering a business relationship is a costly and potentially risky endeavor. Private investigators can scrutinize a prospective business partner for past history of criminal activity, regulatory infractions, harassment claims, lawsuits, or financial fraud. All this work can be done seamlessly, without other parties knowing, to give you better peace of mind.


Do you have a new employee or CEO coming on board? Limit expensive mistakes and explore potential issues by asking a private investigator to look into the matter further and provide succinct reports of their findings. Want to know what your competitors are doing? Good investigators can gather intelligence to help you strategically move forward into uncharted territory.

Law Firms

A private investigator is a valuable partner for any legal team. Need to find background information on an expert witness? Want more manpower to investigate the facts surrounding a filed claim? Prior law enforcement officials can gather comprehensive intelligence that could help you win your next case.

Protect your interest with a private investigator

Whether you need help with a divorce or family law investigation, a missing person case, an employee background check, an international asset search, or any other type of sensitive question answered, Maryland Security Professionals  can help find the information you seek. Our investigators are highly trained and experienced with an impressive track record for producing reliable results.

Serving the entire Washington metro area and surrounding Mid-Atlantic region, please call (410) 849-0059 to learn more about the private investigative services offered by Maryland Security Professionals.

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