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Why Plaintiffs May Need a Private Investigator

July 19, 2017

Many lawsuits are won based on compelling evidence procured via thorough investigations. Whether the case involves a motor vehicle accident, a workman’s compensation claim, a family dispute, or a personal injury matter, lawsuit plaintiffs and their lawyers often rely upon private investigators to conduct surveillance, do background checks, and collect pertinent information.

By retaining both an attorney and a private investigator, claimants may find they have more control over the outcome of their case and increase their chances of receiving a fair settlement or jury verdict in their favor. This is because private investigators have the resources, training and analytical skills to obtain vital information through scanning public records, capturing key footage, and tracking down people or witnesses.

How private investigation can build a solid case

Trained in covert surveillance, computer technology and digital research, today’s private investigators can help move a case along by performing a number of specialized tasks, including:

  • Locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Doing in-depth background checks
  • Computer forensics research
  • Performing online investigations of social media accounts, court filings, etc.
  • Digging through public records
  • Reviewing discarded bank statements
  • Performing asset searches
  • Reviewing incident reports from law enforcement
  • Conducting surveillance that proves infidelity, fraud or other misconduct
  • Obtaining accident scene photographs and video
  • Utilizing software to demonstrate history of insurance coverage, claims and driving history
  • Tracking down missing persons
  • Locating corporate or business records that demonstrate misconduct or negligence

Private investigators can provide valuable evidence needed to prevail in suits entailing sexual harassment, child custody and family law, premises liability, and personal injury. Reputable investigators routinely uncover information that can help plaintiffs establish liability and obtain the monetary damages they deserve.

Maryland Security Professionals

Maryland Security Professionals offers comprehensive private investigation for both civil and criminal matters. Using their real-life law enforcement training and experience, our team of skilled investigators are your eyes and ears on the ground and can help clients produce better legal outcomes. For more information about our private investigation services, please call our offices in Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, or Maryland.

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