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Benefits of Wireless Surveillance

Wireless surveillance can be a valuable tool for owners of commercial and residential properties who want to safeguard against criminal activity. For communities in Maryland, Virginia, and other mid-Atlantic states that experience seasonal changes, the shift to warmer weather tends to bring an increase in crime as compared to the rest of the year. From larger cities to…

Top Security Trends in 2017

With new advancements in smart home technology and mobile apps, 2017 is shaping up to be another exciting year for the residential and business security industry. Several new trends have evolved, promising innovative technology that is affordable, user-friendly and effective for deterring theft and safeguarding valuable property. Maryland Security Professionals offers a full range of security…

Top Considerations for Residential Camera Surveillance

Residential security cameras are a proven tool for deterring crime and theft. With the advent of newer technologies, homeowners and renters have more choices than ever before when it comes to safeguarding their assets both in and outside of the home. Strategically placed surveillance can catch prowlers in action, providing concrete evidence should a break-in occur….

Security Solutions for Parking Lots & Garages

Commercial parking lots and garages are common sites for criminal activity, including theft and personal attack.   A large number of vehicles sitting for long periods of time make an easy target for thieves, and even more so in remote lots with poor lighting and security. Some parking lots have light pedestrian traffic, providing criminals with…

Vacation Rental Home Security Essentials

The safety and security of rental properties against theft is a top concern among many home owners. Like most vacation home owners, you probably have your property listed on several websites, providing a detailed catalogue of amenities, from flat screen TVs and iPod docking stations to surround-sound stereo systems. And if your occupancy calendar is…

Secure Your Business From Anywhere

A surveillance system with remote access can be a valuable tool for business owners to monitor and keep tabs on their business from anywhere, at anytime.  With these security systems, business owners can view video footage from any remote location with an internet connection, including their cell phones. Theft Costs American Businesses Billions According to the National Retail Federation, inventory…

Top 5 Considerations When Hiring an Armed Guard

As a property or business owner, security is a principal concern, and an area where shortcuts may prove costly down the line. Ensuring that your premises and assets are fully protected against theft, vandalism and crime usually entails the installation of a comprehensive security system. However, some commercial business owners may also consider hiring armed…