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Tag: fixed pole camera surveillance

November 9, 2018

Video Surveillance Systems in Delaware: How To Protect Your Home and Business

Is your Delaware home or business as protected as it could be from theft and criminal activity? When it comes to safeguarding your assets and monitoring your property, there is no better way than installing video surveillance cameras. For both residential and commercial applications in Delaware, video surveillance provides numerous…

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May 9, 2018

Common Golf Course Security Concerns

Golf courses present security challenges that are as unique as the individual courses themselves. Neither private nor municipal courses are immune from risks of vandals, thieves, and trespassers. And did you know that golf courses in locations outside of populated areas might cover more than 150 acres of remote terrain?…

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April 13, 2017

Storage Facilities Need Customized Security Solutions

The Self Storage Association estimates that 1 in every ten U.S. households currently rents some kind of off-site storage, including storage units and portable on-demand storage options (PODS). That means that there are a lot of tenants putting trust in the storage facilities housing their goods. The Insurance Information Institute…

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February 1, 2017

Fixed Pole Cameras vs. Mobile Surveillance: Which is Better for Your Site?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for on-site surveillance. Partnering with a professional is the best way to ensure your surveillance system meets the needs of your location and business operations. A great way to start the process is deciding whether to install mobile or fixed security cameras. Security camera options Security…

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December 6, 2016

Washington, D.C. Offers Security Camera Incentive for Low-Income Residents

As part of a Public Safety initiative to deter crime, the city government of Washington, D.C. initiated a Private Security Camera Incentive. The program provides rebates for the purchase and installation of security camera systems that are owned or leased by residents, businesses, nonprofit organizations or religious institutions. Since its launch…

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November 21, 2016

Security Solutions for Parking Lots & Garages

Commercial parking lots and garages are common sites for criminal activity, including theft and personal attack.   A large number of vehicles sitting for long periods of time make an easy target for thieves, and even more so in remote lots with poor lighting and security. Some parking lots have light…

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September 13, 2016

Back to School Safety Tips – Top 3 Campus Security Concerns

Students across the country are headed back to school and for school administrators and safety personnel, campus security is a daily concern. The good news is that schools can be proactive in reducing risk to students and staff by implementing some basic campus security features. Campus security factors into school…

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June 20, 2016

Confronting School Security Challenges

Professional security surveillance systems are not only used in large public facilities such as airports, shopping malls and office centers, but increasingly in school buildings and educational institutions. Given the number of incidents in recent years which have threatened the well-being of children as well as those pursuing higher education in university settings,…

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May 10, 2016

Secure Your Business From Anywhere

A surveillance system with remote access can be a valuable tool for business owners to monitor and keep tabs on their business from anywhere, at anytime.  With these security systems, business owners can view video footage from any remote location with an internet connection, including their cell phones. Theft Costs American Businesses Billions According to…

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