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Maryland Security Professionals offers top-of-the-line security systems in Howard County, MD, including home, business, and mobile installations. Since 2002, we’ve helped create safer communities in Howard County by equipping private residences, gated complexes, commercial facilities, hospitals, colleges, construction sites, and government buildings with reliable video surveillance systems to meet the needs and budgets of property owners. Call us today for a customized solution to any security challenge!

Howard County Home Security Systems

Homeowners in Howard County want to know that their properties are secure. We provide cost-effective Maryland security systems for private homes and residential communities. Schedule a free on-site inspection, where our professionals conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your premises and provide a complimentary quote for camera purchase and installation.

Home security systems installed by Maryland Security Professionals provide you with:

  • High-definition infrared cameras in 2, 6, or 10 MP, operating with IP and TVI technology.
  • Secure smartphone, computer, or tablet accessibility for active monitoring
  • Discreet cabling hidden from view and free of safety hazards

We are happy to complete an audit of your property to help determine your security needs. Enjoy discounted home insurance premiums with adequate protection.

Security Systems for Residential Communities

If you’re managing a community, we can help ensure that your main entrances and common areas are protected from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.

Apartment complexes, gated communities, and residential neighborhoods can be prime targets for thieves. Our cost-effective residential security systems are affordable and efficient. Choose from:

  • Fixed pole surveillance systems with motion-activated cameras and up to 30 days of video storage
  • Mobile surveillance to beef up temporary security for an event or to protect remote areas

Maryland Security Professionals offers free audits of residential properties and tailored solutions that offer reliable protection for community entranceways, playgrounds, parks, fountains, swimming pools, meeting rooms, and other common areas.

Peace of Mind for Howard County, MD Businesses Owners

Howard County business owners are wise to invest in a commercial surveillance system, an investment that pays for itself when weighed against the risk of conducting business without one. Businesses are vulnerable to losses at the hands of shoplifters, employees, vendors, and after-hours vandals and thieves. Protect your assets and your livelihood with professionally installed business security cameras.

Maryland Security Professionals can determine the best solutions for your business, whether you run an entire office building or hotel, operate a large manufacturing facility or warehouse space, or own a small retail store or food-service establishment. Every business has its own unique objectives, and our team will recommend the best equipment and install a turnkey system for you. Wireless systems have become the industry standard, and our high-tech solutions link to your cellphones and computers for remote viewing, any time day or night.

Howard County, MD is a leading commercial hub, located halfway between Baltimore and Washington D.C. The area’s thriving commercial sector depends upon strong security measures to continue on the path to prosperity. Business security systems protect your raw materials, goods, personnel, delivery trucks, construction sites, offices, warehouses, and property every step of the way. From construction site equipment theft to incidents of workplace violence, you’ll find that surveillance cameras are effective in deterring internal and external crime, aiding in police investigations, or simply giving you greater peace of mind.

Choose Maryland Security Professionals for your:

  • Corporate headquarters
  • Howard County office space
  • Special events and promotions
  • Company loading docks and warehouses
  • Cash registers and safes
  • Entranceways and entry-points
  • Construction sites
  • Retail outlets

We understand the importance of your bottom line. With security packages in every price range, you’re guaranteed to find the protection you need at a comfortable cost.

Fixed Pole and Mobile Surveillance Solutions

Mounted on a 20’ metal pole for maximum coverage, fixed pole cameras provide unparalleled surveillance of large private and public spaces such as HOA community entrances, parks, shopping centers, entertainment complexes, parking lots, and more. Fixed pole-mounted cameras are an excellent deterrent to crime and provide quality footage at any time of day or night.

We can also install self-contained, mobile surveillance cameras at any remote or temporary site, such as construction sites. With a solar-powered construction site camera, you can avoid the delays and expenses caused by thieves and vandals. High-definition video capture, infrared “night vision” technology, license plate capture, and expanded storage capabilities will ensure your site is no easy target.

Meeting All of Howard County’s Security Needs

Maryland Security Professionals offers comprehensive security services to Howard County homes and businesses to fit any budget. We have the knowledge, training, and expertise to protect what matters most to you. Call us today to arrange a free audit at your property in Howard County, MD.

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