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Glen Burnie, Maryland is a great place to settle down. You are surrounded by hardworking neighbors, have great shopping options, and can quickly access the big cities of Baltimore and Annapolis, or even take a short drive to the nation’s capital. It’s no wonder why thousands of people have chosen to call this place home.

Maryland Security Professionals installs and maintains custom security solutions for Glen Burnie residents and businessowners to help prevent break-ins, vandalism and other criminal activities. Call us today for a free audit and estimate, or simply to learn more about our leading-edge Maryland security systems.

Home Security Systems in Glen Burnie, MD

Maryland Security Professionals can help homeowners feel more secure with affordable, high-quality residential security systems. We work with each individual customer to audit their security risks and design a solution that fits their needs and budget. Simply having working video cameras present is usually enough to deter criminals from messing with your home—it can often help to lower insurance premiums, too.

Maryland Security is also experienced in helping cooperative communities such as gated communities, townhomes and apartment buildings design and install video surveillance solutions that keep the entire neighborhood safer and more secure. The presence of high-quality surveillance cameras may also make homes more appealing to potential buyers and renters.

Commercial Security Systems in Glen Burnie, MD
As a business owner, you want to keep your customers, employees and property safe. The best way to do that is by taking actions that prevent you from becoming a target in the first place. Maryland Security Professionals works with all types of commercial entities to design, install and maintain custom business security systems that deter break-ins and poor employee behavior—while also staying well within your budget.

We have helped a variety of businesses looking to protect assets with a state-of-the-art 24/7 surveillance system, including construction sites, retail stores, bars and restaurants, parking lots, commercial shops, office buildings, and more.

Video Surveillance Installation

With Maryland Security Professionals, you can expect personalized service with a security expert who will listen to your needs, work within your budget and design a security solution that works for you. Video surveillance options include:

  • Wireless Surveillance – Gives both businesses and homeowners the opportunity to access live remote video feed right from their smart phone.
  • Mobile Surveillance – Perfect for construction projects or other temporary sites, these cameras offer digital recording, police-like strobe lighting and high-quality infrared cameras that can capture any nighttime activity.
  • Fixed Pole Surveillance – Typically used in parking lots, residential streets, and community entrance ways, these motion-activated cameras hold up to 14 days of video footage and can be powered through electric or solar power.
  • Covert Camera Surveillance – Discreet cameras that record footage without alerting people in the room. These solutions are typically used to confirm suspected criminal activity or to keep an eye on employees. They are typically installed in money rooms, narcotics closets, liquor storage areas, home nurseries, and more.
  • License Plate Recognition – Previously reserved for police use, this feature can be added to mobile and fixed pole security cameras to capture and recognize license plates, allowing you to track who comes in and out of your work site or neighborhood.

Whether you’ve been a long-time resident of Glen Burnie, or just moving in, call Maryland Security Professionals today for your free security audit.

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