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From the urban amenities to the parks and residential neighborhoods, it’s no wonder why Silver Springs, Maryland is home to more than 70,000 people. Many families and young professionals settle into this area for an urban-suburban mixture, with new businesses popping up to serve its large population. However, while Silver Spring is a great place to live and work, ensuring the security of your person and property is always a must.

That is why many residents turn to Maryland Security Professionals to help them design, install, and maintain video surveillance systems for their Silver Spring, MD home or commercial premises.

Residential Security Systems in Silver Spring, MD

Home security systems offer many benefits to homeowners and renters alike. These systems not only deliver peace of mind, deter break-ins, and provide police with solid leads if something should happen—they can also reduce insurance premiums and let you keep tabs on other activities in and around your home.

Maryland Security Professionals also has experience designing video surveillance solutions for public and private areas enjoyed by all Silver Spring residents, such as parks and playgrounds, community entranceways, swimming pools and other common areas.

Commercial Security Systems in Silver Spring, MD

If you run a business, you want to make sure it’s secured. Maryland Security Professionals offers Silver Spring companies with top-of-the-line business security systems to deter robberies, vandalism and other property crimes. Surveillance cameras also offer indisputable evidence to police should something happen, helping to catch the thief faster. Whether you run a retail store, office building, restaurant, construction site or any other type of business, we can help you design a custom solution that fits your needs and works within your budget.

Video Surveillance Solutions

At Maryland Security Professionals, we offer our customers unique, custom-tailored security solutions so that every business owner and homeowner can rest a little easier knowing that their family and property are safe and secure.

  • Fixed pole surveillance – These are often installed on light poles, gateways, parking lots and common areas. Fixed-pole, motion-activated cameras tend to move burglars on from the neighborhood or work site altogether and can store up to 14 days of video footage. They can be powered through electricity or solar power.
  • Wireless Surveillance – A popular choice for homes and small businesses, wireless capabilities offer you many benefits, such as easy installation, live video feed straight to your smart phone and the ability to grow your camera coverage over time.
  • Mobile Surveillance – These solar-powered, high definition infrared cameras offer police-style strobe lighting and digital recording, making it a perfect night-time crime deterrent for construction sites and any other temporary site.
  • License Plate Recognition – Primarily designed for police use, this feature can now be added to any fixed-pole or mobile surveillance camera to allow businesses and communities to keep a more watchful eye on who comes and goes.
  • Covert Camera Surveillance – Typically, home and business owners want their security systems to be seen so criminals are deterred from carrying out the crime in the first place. In some instances, though, home and business owners may want to install covert, or “hidden,” cameras in order to capture suspected criminal activity on tape, such as employee theft or negligent home and childcare providers.

If you own a home or business in Silver Spring, MD, you may want to think about how you protect it. For Maryland security systems, contact us today for a free on-site audit and estimate.


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