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From the various shops and restaurants, to an exciting selection of museums and cultural exhibits, to the beautiful gardens and trails scattered across Civic Center Park, Rockville makes for a great place to raise a family. It’s no surprise that it was recently ranked as one of the best places to live in Maryland.

Though one of the criteria that made this charming suburb the perfect place to settle down was its relatively low crime rate, no one is invulnerable. One of the ways to enhance safety and security in any commercial or residential neighborhood is to install an effective video surveillance system on your property. Security cameras are known deterrents to break-ins and vandalism, and will help keep your Rockville property safe and sound.

Home Security Systems in Rockville, MD

Installing high-quality residential security systems is the best way to keep tabs on your home, capture any suspicious or criminal behavior and make even the most experienced burglars think twice before targeting your house. Our camera systems also give homeowners the ability to tap into their camera feeds from anywhere, allowing them to check on children, pets and house staff.

Private residential neighborhoods, condominium complexes and other communities can also benefit from residential security systems. Maryland Security can design and install security camera systems that capture activity at gate entrances, parks, pools and other common areas, making residents feel safer and more secure in their homes.

Business Security Systems in Rockville, MD

One of the worst things a business owner can experience is theft—whether it’s a customer stuffing a product in their bag, an employee swiping a few bills from the register, or a planned robbery that leaves your safe empty. All of these things cut into your bottom line and make it harder for you to grow your business. Business security systems are a great way to keep tabs on your building, alerting you to unusual activity and helping you to catch criminals in their tracks.

Maryland Security Professionals can design and install camera systems that work for virtually any property type, from temporary construction sites, to restaurants and shops, to large commercial structures or office buildings.

Security Systems and Cameras available in Rockville, MD

Whatever your security challenges are, Maryland Security Professionals has the solution. Our experts will work with you to implement a security system customized to your wants, needs and budget. Some features of our video systems include:

  • Wireless Surveillance – Provides customers with full control over their security, offering features such as accessing a live video feed through smart phones, and customized alerts to suspicious activities.
  • Mobile Surveillance – A high-definition infrared camera system that is powered with solar energy, features police-style strobe lighting, and digitally records day and night time activity to ensure the security of construction areas and other temporary sites.
  • Fixed Pole Surveillance – Typically installed in parking lots, along residential streets or at gate entrances, these electric or solar-powered cameras record up to 14 days of video footage and help to keep customers and residents safer in areas that are more typical for crimes to occur.
  • License Plate Recognition – Captures and recognizes license plate numbers and can be added to fixed pole or mobile surveillance systems.
  • Covert Camera Surveillance – Discreet cameras that allow you to keep an eye on employees, contractors and caretakers and make sure that your loved ones, property and other valuables are safe.

Thinking about increasing security for your home or business in Rockville, MD? Contact us today to set up your free consultation and learn more about our free Maryland security systems.

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