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With an abundance of festivals and events, dining, and historic charm, living in Ellicott City, Maryland is a dream for many. However, while this small-town feel creates a sense of safety and security, residents and businesses can still become targets of burglaries, invasions, and other crimes. Installing high-quality security systems is an easy and affordable way to ensure your property is safe when non-residents flood the streets for a music festival or when you’re away from your home taking a stroll through a museum or browsing the shops scattered throughout Old Ellicott City.

Home Security Systems

Protect your Ellicott City home with professionally-installed residential security systems. Just the sheer presence of security cameras is typically enough to deter criminals from breaking into or vandalizing property, and using high-quality cameras increases your chances of finding and capturing the criminal should something happen. Apartment buildings, townhomes, and other shared community spaces can also benefit from residential security cameras, helping to keep their tenants safe and secure.

Business Security Systems

Whether you own a small business or a big shop, having commercial security systems professionally installed on your building will give you peace of mind and prevent you from becoming a target for a variety of crimes. With the right mixture of systems, you can catch shoplifters, deter organized break-ins, ensure employees aren’t stealing products or cash, make customers feel safe in your parking lots, and provide high-quality footage to police that can be used to capture and prosecute criminals.

Security Camera Installation in Ellicott City

When it comes to technology and equipment, we provide our clients with a wide range of options so that they can customize a system that fits within their budget while providing the highest level of protection for their home or business.

Modern technology has taken security cameras to a new level of sophistication. Choose from:

  • Security Camera Installation for Businesses and Residences: Protect your home or commercial property with customizable security camera systems that meet your needs and budget. Wireless monitoring allows you to view live feeds 24/7 from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Fixed Pole Surveillance – Designed for installation atop 20-foot poles, these cameras are used often of parking lots, streets, gated entrances, parks, and other public locations. The bird’s eye view allows for maximum surveillance of such large, vulnerable areas.
  • Mobile Surveillance – Mobile security systems work best for temporary needs, such as construction sites or large festivals. These cameras are solar-powered and can provide excellent high-definition digital footage during the day or at night.
  • License Plate Recognition – This add-on can be incorporated in either mobile or fixed pole cameras to help keep track of the vehicles entering and exiting an area.
  • Covert Camera Surveillance – Discreet cameras may be installed for any number of reasons including to confirm suspected criminal activity of employees, neglectful caretakers, or unfaithful partners.

Today’s camera systems transmit captured footage wirelessly, so home and business owners alike can monitor their property from anywhere using their smartphone. Wireless transmission makes it easy to view the safety of your commercial premises or simply see what your kids and pets are up to while you’re out of the house.

Whatever your security challenges are, Maryland Security Professionals can help you solve them. Contact us today to see how we can help you design a system for your Ellicott City home or business.

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