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Whether you’re regularly commuting to the nation’s capital for work or hanging out in St. Charles Towne Center to enjoy the variety of shops and restaurants, Waldorf, Maryland is a great place to own a home or business. Many people settle here for its affordability, close proximity to Washington D.C. and safe neighborhoods. However, like any other city, Waldorf is not immune to criminal activity.

That’s why Maryland Security Professionals has proudly been serving businesses and residents throughout Waldorf with affordable, effective video surveillance solutions.

Residential Security Systems in Waldorf, MD

Homeowners who install professional home security systems dramatically decrease their odds of becoming a target for burglary, vandalism or other property crimes. The presence of cameras alone is typically enough to deter even the most experienced thieves. In the event something does occur, homeowners are armed with high-quality video footage that can assist police in finding and capturing the individual responsible. It can also serve other benefits, such as allowing residents to check in while they’re away, or see when a family member arrives home. Installing surveillance cameras can possibly even lower your insurance rates.

Gated communities, townhomes, apartments and other cooperatives can also benefit from Maryland Security Professionals’ video surveillance solutions. Cameras can be strategically placed in parking structures, playgrounds, swimming pools, and on street lamps, keeping criminals out and making residents feel safe and comfortable.

Commercial Security Systems in Waldorf, MD
When you run a business, especially in the shopping capital of southern Maryland, keeping your customers, employees and property safe is a top concern. We install and maintain custom business security systems that fit the unique needs of retail stores, restaurants, commercial buildings, offices and construction sites. Whatever security challenges your company faces, we can help you overcome them and prevent shoplifting, employee theft, burglaries and more.

Custom Video Surveillance Solutions
Every security situation is unique, which is why our process starts with a free security audit of your home or business to evaluate security issues, current systems, budget restrictions and more. Some of the camera options we provide include:

  • Covert Camera Surveillance – Typically installed inside liquor storage rooms, money rooms, home nurseries or other sensitive areas, these cameras are discreetly placed to allow you to see what happens when you’re not around.
  • Wireless Surveillance – A modern, high-tech camera system that can be easily added to, allowing businesses and home owners alike to slowly build their security system over time. Wireless cameras capture live feed that can be accessed right from your smart phone or tablet, alerting you to real time threats and concerns.
  • Fixed Pole Surveillance – Installed atop of large poles, these cameras are motion activated, hold up to 14 days of video footage, and can run off of electric or solar power.
  • Mobile Surveillance – Perfect for temporary sites, such as construction zones, these cameras offer high-quality infrared surveillance that captures clear images in the dark. These hold up to 14 days of digital recording and can be fitted with options like license plate recognition.
  • License Plate Recognition – A featured option for mobile and fixed pole cameras, this camera captures and recognizes license plates, so communities and business owners can keep tabs on who comes and goes.

If you are interested in learning more about Maryland security systems available for your Waldorf home or business, call us today!

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